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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Teresa say are continuously going on in the chamber of the soul?
(a) celebrations
(b) dancing
(c) feasts
(d) wars

2. What does Teresa say the soul engages in after the espousal in Dwelling Six?
(a) days of solitude
(b) painful lamenting
(c) over indulgence
(d) radiant celebration

3. What does Teresa say intensifies the pain?
(a) doubt
(b) self knowledge
(c) pride
(d) God's condemnation

4. Where might the voices heard during meditation come from according to Teresa?
(a) a source that is less than divine
(b) heavenly choirs
(c) souls in Purgatory
(d) external sounds in the background

5. If a voice she hears causes her to linger in worship and increases her devotion, what conclusion does Teresa draw?
(a) it it divine
(b) it is a passed trial of distraction
(c) it was not something heard, after all
(d) it is an echo of her thoughts

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Teresa's analogy regarding the Seventh Dwelling?

2. What is the difference in the reminders she gets now when her spirit flags and the times she first encountered the pain of awareness?

3. What does her focus on her inner temple now bring Teresa in the Seventh Dwelling?

4. Does Teresa say that hearing voices is always a negative sign?

5. What does Teresa say the spirit of evil does?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is a recommendation of Teresa's on meditation?

2. What recommendation does Teresa make regarding commands that will affect others?

3. What does Teresa identify as a reward for enduring trials of the Sixth Dwelling?

4. What occasions the intensity of greater pain during this time of greater closeness to God?

5. What communion does Teresa say trials at this level bring about?

6. How does Teresa describe intellectual visions?

7. How does Teresa describe the physical state of the body during her raptures?

8. What does Teresa have to say about tears that spring form the raptures?

9. What tokens does Teresa say God gives to help recall the raptures?

10. What encouragement to her sisters does Teresa use to conclude her book?

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