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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Teresa say a good adviser will know?
(a) whether a vision is from God or from the spirit of evil
(b) where to talk so they are not overheard
(c) how to pray for guidance in directing her
(d) how to disgusie his reactions to what she says

2. For whom does she remember to pray as she approaches her Beloved?
(a) for her confessor and adviser
(b) those who are still shackled, blind, deaf and living in darkness
(c) for the Mother Church
(d) for the sisters in the convent

3. What does a vision coming from God do for the soul?
(a) inspires her to get lost in loving God
(b) makes her aware of His anger and wrath
(c) makes her recount all her shortcomings
(d) makes her equal to God Himself

4. What happens when God presses the glowing ember into her soul?
(a) She falls like a heap of ashes.
(b) It does not catch fire.
(c) It makes her glow fiery red.
(d) She feels pleasure instead of pain.

5. Why does Teresa insist she should not be pitied?
(a) because she knows God will find a way for her to teach others
(b) because she has the infinity of the strength of God to buoy her
(c) because pity should be given to the poor and outcasts
(d) because it would insult God

Short Answer Questions

1. Above all, however, what does Teresa suggest is of paramount importance?

2. At this level, what is engaged that takes the soul directly to the Beloved?

3. After doing something wrong, what amazes Teresa?

4. How does Teresa describe the feeling of unrest in the soul?

5. What does Teresa say are continuously going on in the chamber of the soul?

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