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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At this level, what is engaged that takes the soul directly to the Beloved?
(a) the fear
(b) the will
(c) the habit
(d) the intellect

2. What does Teresa say the spirit of evil does?
(a) calms the anxieties
(b) instills unrest and disquiet
(c) provides a false serenity
(d) makes one ecstatic

3. What knowledge does Teresa say is the cause of intellectual visions?
(a) that God uses both mind and soul
(b) that she was taught these things
(c) that she has been there before
(d) that God is always watching

4. What, according to Teresa, is the prerequisite for entering briefly into the Sixth Dwelling?
(a) defiance
(b) obedience
(c) suffering
(d) bravery

5. In that rapture, what does Teresa say she is allowed to do?
(a) observe the final, most intimate dwelling for just a moment
(b) feel a spiritual orgasm
(c) know what it feels like to die physically
(d) glimpse into the mind of the Beloved

Short Answer Questions

1. What comes to her as she recognizes her ever increasing responsibility and passion to be of service to a God?

2. What is the difference in the reminders she gets now when her spirit flags and the times she first encountered the pain of awareness?

3. What do those closest to God experience?

4. Why does Teresa say the experiences of such close communion with God cannot be fully explained?

5. Why does Teresa return to the analogy of the butterfly as she discusses the effects of her marriage?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Teresa explain the anguish and unrest of the soul in the Sixth Dwelling?

2. How does Teresa describe the rapture of the Sixth Dwelling?

3. What does Teresa say about remaining humble in light of the temporary nature of the world?

4. Describe the metaphor of the ember in preparing one for marriage to God.

5. What does Teresa identify as a reward for enduring trials of the Sixth Dwelling?

6. At this Seventh Dwelling stage, how are Teresa's experiences with god different?

7. What encouragement to her sisters does Teresa use to conclude her book?

8. Describe the esoteric talisman Teresa uses as an analogy to one's faith.

9. What limitation is on the marriage Teresa speaks of in the Seventh Dwelling?

10. What tokens does Teresa say God gives to help recall the raptures?

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