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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sets intellectual visions apart from all others?
(a) knowledge of the Scriptures
(b) knowledge of good and evil
(c) knowledge of the constant companionship of God
(d) knowledge of the service required of one

2. Even though the change it works in her is permanent, how does Teresa say she can describe the contact with the Beloved?
(a) able to tell others who have just entered the Sixth Dwelling
(b) able to prophecy the future of the world based on the experience
(c) only partly able to describe the experience once it has ended
(d) totally the vision of her death and resurrection

3. What are the tokens of each visit to Dwelling Six?
(a) the things that stimulate her appetite for her betrothed
(b) the images that are planted in the brain
(c) the ways she is given to recall everything
(d) the glow that surrounds her like a halo

4. Why does Teresa insist she should not be pitied?
(a) because she has the infinity of the strength of God to buoy her
(b) because it would insult God
(c) because pity should be given to the poor and outcasts
(d) because she knows God will find a way for her to teach others

5. How does Teresa qualify the marriage?
(a) as something that repeats itself three times to be real
(b) as something that does not really happen
(c) as something that happens often
(d) as something that cannot be fully realized in this life

Short Answer Questions

1. What does she come to know by sight that the Church only knows by faith?

2. When does she say the vile creatures of temptation may return?

3. How does Teresa explain the passage through the dwellings that happen for others?

4. What does Teresa recognize when she experiences a soul-filling fragrance?

5. What does Teresa say the spirit of evil does?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Teresa say about remaining humble in light of the temporary nature of the world?

2. What limitation is on the marriage Teresa speaks of in the Seventh Dwelling?

3. What is the experience in the rapture that requires bravery?

4. What frustration comes to Teresa as she progresses in intimacy with God?

5. What communion does Teresa say trials at this level bring about?

6. What recommendation does Teresa make regarding commands that will affect others?

7. Even at this high state, what caution does Teresa offer?

8. How does Teresa describe the soul as it comes into its most intimate contact with God?

9. What does Teresa identify as a reward for enduring trials of the Sixth Dwelling?

10. How does Teresa describe the rapture of the Sixth Dwelling?

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