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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do imaginative visions embed themselves into the soul?
(a) more as impressions than crisp memories
(b) as clear images that cannot be forgotten
(c) as fleeting images that return from time to time
(d) as metaphors of all that the visions reveal

2. What does Teresa recognize when she experiences a soul-filling fragrance?
(a) She knows that she is still alive.
(b) She knows she must wait longer.
(c) She knows that she is having a death experience.
(d) She knows that He is calling her.

3. What examples does Teresa give of others who were once thought mad because of their intense relationship with God?
(a) Saint Anne and Saint Gregory
(b) Saint Paul and Saint Rebecca
(c) Saint Francis and Peter of Alcantara
(d) Saint Joan and Saint Ignatious

4. What is the difference in the reminders she gets now when her spirit flags and the times she first encountered the pain of awareness?
(a) sudden flashes of truth
(b) easy experiences instead of the pain like before
(c) self-recognition of what she needs to do
(d) rapid flights back to the Seventh Dwelling

5. What is the benefit of this marriage that is still not complete?
(a) no separation is possible anymore
(b) it keeps the bride from ever sinning again
(c) it motivates to continue living righteously
(d) it predicts a quick physical death for the bride

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom does she remember to pray as she approaches her Beloved?

2. Finally finding a place to rest, how does the butterfly demonstrate what the soul can now do?

3. How does Teresa qualify the marriage?

4. What knowledge gives Teresa comfort?

5. What serves to intensify the scrutiny with which she views herself and considers her own shortcomings?

Short Essay Questions

1. What occasions the intensity of greater pain during this time of greater closeness to God?

2. What tokens does Teresa say God gives to help recall the raptures?

3. What communion does Teresa say trials at this level bring about?

4. What is a recommendation of Teresa's on meditation?

5. What admission does Teresa make regarding the hearing of voices?

6. Even at this high state, what caution does Teresa offer?

7. What limitation is on the marriage Teresa speaks of in the Seventh Dwelling?

8. How does Teresa describe the soul as it comes into its most intimate contact with God?

9. What are the six reasons not to ask for a gift that another person has been given.

10. How has joy given Teresa a kind of death?

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