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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Teresa qualify the marriage?
(a) as something that happens often
(b) as something that does not really happen
(c) as something that cannot be fully realized in this life
(d) as something that repeats itself three times to be real

2. What is there no relief from while the soul is experiencing this pain on earth?
(a) avoiding it or concealing it
(b) losing it or finding it
(c) the time it takes or the way it grows
(d) enjoying it or escaping it

3. What comes to her as she recognizes her ever increasing responsibility and passion to be of service to a God?
(a) humility
(b) urgency
(c) more visions
(d) guilt for shortcomings

4. What does a vision coming from God do for the soul?
(a) inspires her to get lost in loving God
(b) makes her aware of His anger and wrath
(c) makes her equal to God Himself
(d) makes her recount all her shortcomings

5. Why does Teresa say the experiences of such close communion with God cannot be fully explained?
(a) Telling them would destroy the bond with God.
(b) They cannot be recalled clearly.
(c) They are secrets God does not allow to be revealed.
(d) They are larger and stranger than anything explainable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Teresa say that hearing voices is always a negative sign?

2. Even though the change it works in her is permanent, how does Teresa say she can describe the contact with the Beloved?

3. What is the condition of her soul that gives her confidence to enter the bridal chamber?

4. Having attained the Seventh Dwelling, what does a person now have?

5. What becomes Teresa's fondest desire to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does one recognize a vision not from God?

2. Even at this high state, what caution does Teresa offer?

3. How does Teresa describe intellectual visions?

4. What is the experience in the rapture that requires bravery?

5. How does Teresa describe the rapture of the Sixth Dwelling?

6. Describe the metaphor of the ember in preparing one for marriage to God.

7. What is a recommendation of Teresa's on meditation?

8. What does Teresa identify as a reward for enduring trials of the Sixth Dwelling?

9. What does Teresa say about remaining humble in light of the temporary nature of the world?

10. What are the six reasons not to ask for a gift that another person has been given.

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