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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does she come to know by sight that the Church only knows by faith?
(a) the kid of food they eat in heaven
(b) the awesomness of the angels
(c) the beauty of heaven
(d) the three distinct Persons of the Trinity and their perfect unity

2. How does Teresa explain the passage through the dwellings that happen for others?
(a) exactly like they happened to her
(b) as totally different from her experience
(c) not exactly as she describes them for everyone
(d) the same as her experience but with different metaphors

3. At this point, where does Teresa say she does any selfish thing?
(a) inside that castle
(b) in a vision
(c) in the dark
(d) outside the castle

4. In her brief moments of encounter with God, what emotion results afterward?
(a) an ever deepening longing for God
(b) fear that they might never happen again
(c) great doubt that anyone will believe her
(d) a serious confusion of purpose

5. After doing something wrong, what amazes Teresa?
(a) She still has the keys to the castle.
(b) God does not leave the castle.
(c) She can get back into the castle.
(d) She is not thrown out of the castle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the benefit of this marriage that is still not complete?

2. Why is Teresa limited in what she can do by way of teaching others what she knows?

3. What does Teresa say a good adviser will know?

4. What knowledge does Teresa say is the cause of intellectual visions?

5. What does Teresa say God gives her to remember this visit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What encouragement to her sisters does Teresa use to conclude her book?

2. How does Teresa describe the physical state of the body during her raptures?

3. What recommendation does Teresa make regarding commands that will affect others?

4. How does Teresa describe the rapture of the Sixth Dwelling?

5. Describe the metaphor of the ember in preparing one for marriage to God.

6. What limitation is on the marriage Teresa speaks of in the Seventh Dwelling?

7. What communion does Teresa say trials at this level bring about?

8. What admission does Teresa make regarding the hearing of voices?

9. How does Teresa explain the anguish and unrest of the soul in the Sixth Dwelling?

10. What are the beneficial effects of spiritual pain on the earthly body?

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