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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ending the Chapter on the Sixth Dwelling, what is Teresa's emphasis on?
(a) the formulas for improving meditation
(b) learning techniques for getting to the Sixth Dwelling quickly
(c) distinguishing a real vision from a false one
(d) making the Sixth Dwelling appealing to all

2. What does Teresa recognize is the only thing that can pull her from her God?
(a) the Inquisition
(b) her spiritual advisers
(c) herself
(d) Satan

3. What does Teresa say God gives her to remember this visit?
(a) a token of her visit
(b) a ring on her finger
(c) an ability to dream the visit
(d) a thorn in the flesh

4. At this point, where does Teresa say she does any selfish thing?
(a) in a vision
(b) inside that castle
(c) outside the castle
(d) in the dark

5. What does Teresa say the spirit of evil does?
(a) instills unrest and disquiet
(b) provides a false serenity
(c) makes one ecstatic
(d) calms the anxieties

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teresa say may happen to someone in the sixth Dwelling?

2. In that rapture, what does Teresa say she is allowed to do?

3. What are the tokens of each visit to Dwelling Six?

4. What knowledge does Teresa say is the cause of intellectual visions?

5. What does Teresa say the encounters with God feel like?

Short Essay Questions

1. What tokens does Teresa say God gives to help recall the raptures?

2. How does Teresa describe intellectual visions?

3. How does Teresa describe the rapture of the Sixth Dwelling?

4. What is the experience in the rapture that requires bravery?

5. What are the beneficial effects of spiritual pain on the earthly body?

6. What occasions the intensity of greater pain during this time of greater closeness to God?

7. What does Teresa have to say about tears that spring form the raptures?

8. What encouragement to her sisters does Teresa use to conclude her book?

9. Describe the esoteric talisman Teresa uses as an analogy to one's faith.

10. How does one recognize a vision not from God?

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