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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Teresa's analogy regarding the Seventh Dwelling?
(a) the wedding feast is being prepared
(b) the soul and her Lord are now wed
(c) meditation is in the form of butterflies
(d) there is a union of all the saints

2. When does she say the vile creatures of temptation may return?
(a) when she has nothing to do
(b) in her dreams
(c) while she is writing
(d) even when she is very close to her God

3. What is the difference in the reminders she gets now when her spirit flags and the times she first encountered the pain of awareness?
(a) rapid flights back to the Seventh Dwelling
(b) easy experiences instead of the pain like before
(c) sudden flashes of truth
(d) self-recognition of what she needs to do

4. Why does Teresa insist she should not be pitied?
(a) because she has the infinity of the strength of God to buoy her
(b) because she knows God will find a way for her to teach others
(c) because pity should be given to the poor and outcasts
(d) because it would insult God

5. How does Teresa describe the ember in the soul--some thought that spreads its flame through the entire soul?
(a) moments of spiritual rapture
(b) a frightening experience that lasts only a moment
(c) moments of emptiness
(d) a pain like dying

Short Answer Questions

1. What overwhelming emotion does Teresa go on to discuss in Dwelling Six?

2. What does Teresa say the lack of humility will cause someone to do?

3. What does Teresa say about God allowing evil spirits to tempt one at the Sixth Dwelling?

4. Where might the voices heard during meditation come from according to Teresa?

5. What, according to Teresa, is the prerequisite for entering briefly into the Sixth Dwelling?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Teresa say about remaining humble in light of the temporary nature of the world?

2. What occasions the intensity of greater pain during this time of greater closeness to God?

3. How does Teresa explain the anguish and unrest of the soul in the Sixth Dwelling?

4. At this Seventh Dwelling stage, how are Teresa's experiences with god different?

5. What encouragement to her sisters does Teresa use to conclude her book?

6. What are the beneficial effects of spiritual pain on the earthly body?

7. Describe the esoteric talisman Teresa uses as an analogy to one's faith.

8. How has joy given Teresa a kind of death?

9. How does Teresa describe the soul as it comes into its most intimate contact with God?

10. What does Teresa identify as a reward for enduring trials of the Sixth Dwelling?

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