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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Teresa identify a period of spiritual aridity?
(a) when the supplicant forgets to drink water
(b) when the time for prayer feels like a drudgery
(c) when proceeding faithfully is more work than gratification
(d) when the words of prayer simply will not come

2. How does Teresa classify those who have reached the Third Dwelling?
(a) looking for a corner to rest in
(b) exhausted from their journey
(c) unsure of where they are
(d) already on their way to security unless they turn away

3. Why is Teresa the one ordered to write the book on prayer for women?
(a) because the men are busy writing other books
(b) because it will keep her out of trouble
(c) because women communicate better with women
(d) because she has experience writing books

4. How does Teresa say the confirmation of the Prayer of Union is not determined?
(a) not the empty feeling when one leaves
(b) not the ability to recall past misdeeds
(c) not the confirmation of what she calls half-learned men
(d) not the confirmation of witnesses

5. Before beginning the writing, to what does she compare herself?
(a) a fish that is left out of water
(b) a bird that has been taught to speak
(c) a cat that sleeps all the time
(d) a rabbit that fears preditors

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teresa stress at the beginning of her treatise?

2. When was the book written?

3. What is Teresa's metaphor of the tree transplanted into a smelly bog?

4. What remains in the mind about the reality and sacredness of such a foreign experience in the Fifth Dwelling?

5. What does she say is not prayer at all?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how the seeker receives the spiritual sweetness.

2. How does Teresa say a seeker will know if she is truly humble?

3. What does Teresa have to say about mastering one's earthly appetites?

4. Describe Teresa's view of the company she should keep.

5. How has Teresa handled fear and weakness on her part in the past?

6. How does Teresa evaluate those who serve but do not work at elevating their understanding of God?

7. In what way does Teresa say a sister can insure her devotion to God?

8. Describe what Teresa saw in her vision about how to write the book?

9. Briefly summarize the pain of the Fifth Dwelling.

10. What does Teresa have to say about expectations and rewards for service to God?

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