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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Teresa warn against about emotions from the Sixth Dwelling?
(a) desiring the emotion over wanting to be obedient
(b) losing one's mind in the process
(c) falsely interpreting other intensity of emotion for this kind of longing
(d) becoming adicted to the emotional high

2. What overwhelming emotion does Teresa go on to discuss in Dwelling Six?
(a) the immensity of a soul's desire to die and join her Beloved
(b) the feeling of taking arms to protect the Church
(c) the desire to do as much good as possible
(d) the ache to see the Beloved again and again

3. What does Teresa say the lack of humility will cause someone to do?
(a) to beg for better understanding
(b) to forget to rely on prayer
(c) to keep her knowledge to herself
(d) to ask for what she has not earned

4. What is the benefit of this marriage that is still not complete?
(a) it keeps the bride from ever sinning again
(b) it motivates to continue living righteously
(c) it predicts a quick physical death for the bride
(d) no separation is possible anymore

5. At this point, where does Teresa say she does any selfish thing?
(a) in the dark
(b) inside that castle
(c) outside the castle
(d) in a vision

6. What becomes Teresa's fondest desire to do?
(a) weed out the unbelieving sisters in the convent
(b) to go deep into the world and inspire other souls to praise Him
(c) write many more books
(d) start a hospital for the poor

7. What is Teresa's analogy regarding the Seventh Dwelling?
(a) the wedding feast is being prepared
(b) there is a union of all the saints
(c) the soul and her Lord are now wed
(d) meditation is in the form of butterflies

8. How does Teresa qualify the marriage?
(a) as something that does not really happen
(b) as something that repeats itself three times to be real
(c) as something that happens often
(d) as something that cannot be fully realized in this life

9. What does Teresa say may happen to someone in the sixth Dwelling?
(a) hearing voices
(b) feeling cold
(c) fainting spells
(d) seeing darkness

10. For what purpose does Teresa describe the crystal and the memory of the image of its beauty?
(a) to explain elective visions
(b) to explain what she calls imaginative visions
(c) to explain comparative visions
(d) to explain ordinary visions

11. What does Teresa say God gives her to remember this visit?
(a) a thorn in the flesh
(b) a ring on her finger
(c) a token of her visit
(d) an ability to dream the visit

12. What does she come to know by sight that the Church only knows by faith?
(a) the kid of food they eat in heaven
(b) the beauty of heaven
(c) the three distinct Persons of the Trinity and their perfect unity
(d) the awesomness of the angels

13. At this level, what is engaged that takes the soul directly to the Beloved?
(a) the habit
(b) the fear
(c) the intellect
(d) the will

14. What is the final activity in the Sixth Dwelling, according to Teresa?
(a) The soul leaves the body.
(b) God performs a major test of faith.
(c) The soul loses its identity.
(d) God consummates His engagement to His betrothed soul.

15. What does Teresa suggest looking for in a spiritual adviser?
(a) one who is both educated and discerning
(b) one who believes in miracles
(c) one who can keep a confidence
(d) one who has had similar experiences with prayer

Short Answer Questions

1. What does her focus on her inner temple now bring Teresa in the Seventh Dwelling?

2. What does Teresa say the soul engages in after the espousal in Dwelling Six?

3. With whom does Teresa suggest the sisters share such intense relationships with God?

4. From what strange source does Teresa find joy?

5. How does Teresa describe the ember in the soul--some thought that spreads its flame through the entire soul?

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