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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Even at this point, what is Teresa's warning to her sisters?
(a) to keep the betrothal a secret
(b) to be sure to remain in the bridal chamber
(c) to remember to tell everyone about their experience
(d) to be cautious about offending God

2. What does Teresa classify as intellectual visions?
(a) memories of religious paintings
(b) visions that come from reading the Bible
(c) images of the saints
(d) visions not received by the senses

3. According to Teresa, what is the condition when voices are heard?
(a) complete concentrations
(b) deepend ecstasy
(c) communication of the saints
(d) frequently signs of mental imbalance

4. If a voice she hears causes her to linger in worship and increases her devotion, what conclusion does Teresa draw?
(a) it is a passed trial of distraction
(b) it was not something heard, after all
(c) it it divine
(d) it is an echo of her thoughts

5. After doing something wrong, what amazes Teresa?
(a) She still has the keys to the castle.
(b) God does not leave the castle.
(c) She is not thrown out of the castle.
(d) She can get back into the castle.

6. When does Teresa say she is able to see clearly the ways she has strayed from Him while she has dwelled with Him?
(a) the moment she feels the warmth of His presence
(b) the moment she wakes from her vision
(c) the moment in which God instills deep secrets in her soul
(d) the moment she opens her eyes the next morning

7. How does Teresa say she is affected by her trials?
(a) She has to start all over.
(b) Her faith waivers.
(c) She is uplifted.
(d) She is discouraged.

8. What knowledge gives Teresa comfort?
(a) she cannot be prosecuted by the Inquisition
(b) she is now free to do as she pleases
(c) the passions can be quieted
(d) the days on earth will soon come to an end

9. From what strange source does Teresa find joy?
(a) being cured of her physical ailments
(b) being fed by the Hand of God
(c) being persecuted for her King
(d) being free from physical labor

10. What overwhelming emotion does Teresa go on to discuss in Dwelling Six?
(a) the ache to see the Beloved again and again
(b) the desire to do as much good as possible
(c) the immensity of a soul's desire to die and join her Beloved
(d) the feeling of taking arms to protect the Church

11. At this point, where does Teresa say she does any selfish thing?
(a) inside that castle
(b) outside the castle
(c) in the dark
(d) in a vision

12. Why does Teresa return to the analogy of the butterfly as she discusses the effects of her marriage?
(a) to explain how she got there
(b) to explain how she comes to rest
(c) to explain how she is dressed
(d) to explain she has now died of happiness

13. What does Teresa say the lack of humility will cause someone to do?
(a) to forget to rely on prayer
(b) to ask for what she has not earned
(c) to keep her knowledge to herself
(d) to beg for better understanding

14. What are the tokens of each visit to Dwelling Six?
(a) the ways she is given to recall everything
(b) the images that are planted in the brain
(c) the glow that surrounds her like a halo
(d) the things that stimulate her appetite for her betrothed

15. What does Teresa recognize when she experiences a soul-filling fragrance?
(a) She knows she must wait longer.
(b) She knows that she is having a death experience.
(c) She knows that He is calling her.
(d) She knows that she is still alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do imaginative visions embed themselves into the soul?

2. What teaches the soul by quick impression a thousand different things equally hard to explain, according to Teresa?

3. Having attained the Seventh Dwelling, what does a person now have?

4. What does Teresa say she was doing that sometimes caused her to forget the simple guideline of getting to God?

5. What is the difference in the reminders she gets now when her spirit flags and the times she first encountered the pain of awareness?

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