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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sets intellectual visions apart from all others?
(a) knowledge of the service required of one
(b) knowledge of good and evil
(c) knowledge of the Scriptures
(d) knowledge of the constant companionship of God

2. What does Teresa say may happen to someone in the sixth Dwelling?
(a) feeling cold
(b) hearing voices
(c) seeing darkness
(d) fainting spells

3. If a voice she hears causes her to linger in worship and increases her devotion, what conclusion does Teresa draw?
(a) it is a passed trial of distraction
(b) it is an echo of her thoughts
(c) it was not something heard, after all
(d) it it divine

4. What knowledge gives Teresa comfort?
(a) the passions can be quieted
(b) she is now free to do as she pleases
(c) the days on earth will soon come to an end
(d) she cannot be prosecuted by the Inquisition

5. About what does Teresa suggest getting advice if one is commanded to do something during the Sixth Dwelling experience?
(a) some action that may be dangerous
(b) some action never heard of before
(c) some action that will affect another person
(d) some action that seems against the Mother Church

6. What serves to intensify the scrutiny with which she views herself and considers her own shortcomings?
(a) her swift transitions
(b) her fear of overlooking some transgression
(c) her increased knowledge of God
(d) her need to feel forgiveness

7. What examples does Teresa give of others who were once thought mad because of their intense relationship with God?
(a) Saint Paul and Saint Rebecca
(b) Saint Joan and Saint Ignatious
(c) Saint Francis and Peter of Alcantara
(d) Saint Anne and Saint Gregory

8. How does Teresa describe those brief encounters with God?
(a) lilting melodies of peace
(b) swoons of passion
(c) thunderbolts of unmistakable contact
(d) floating on calm waters

9. For what purpose does Teresa describe the crystal and the memory of the image of its beauty?
(a) to explain ordinary visions
(b) to explain elective visions
(c) to explain what she calls imaginative visions
(d) to explain comparative visions

10. According to Teresa, what is the condition when voices are heard?
(a) complete concentrations
(b) communication of the saints
(c) deepend ecstasy
(d) frequently signs of mental imbalance

11. What, does Teresa say, is the distinction between this rapture and the last in Dwelling Five?
(a) this one is harder to return from
(b) this one makes living much more painful
(c) this one is faster
(d) this one is painful when it happens

12. What does Teresa say the soul engages in after the espousal in Dwelling Six?
(a) radiant celebration
(b) days of solitude
(c) over indulgence
(d) painful lamenting

13. What becomes Teresa's fondest desire to do?
(a) to go deep into the world and inspire other souls to praise Him
(b) weed out the unbelieving sisters in the convent
(c) start a hospital for the poor
(d) write many more books

14. What does Teresa say God gives her to remember this visit?
(a) a thorn in the flesh
(b) an ability to dream the visit
(c) a ring on her finger
(d) a token of her visit

15. What is the condition of her soul that gives her confidence to enter the bridal chamber?
(a) completely transparent
(b) in total annihilation
(c) in spiritual perfection
(d) in the state of grace

Short Answer Questions

1. What is her soul doing as she approaches the Beloved?

2. Even at this point, what is Teresa's warning to her sisters?

3. What is the difference in the reminders she gets now when her spirit flags and the times she first encountered the pain of awareness?

4. What is the metaphor Teresa returns to in order to explain the feeling in the soul of ever-increasing anguish and unrest?

5. Why does Teresa say the experiences of such close communion with God cannot be fully explained?

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