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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can the mind not comprehend after the communal experience with God?
(a) where the body has been during the experience
(b) how the soul can re-enter that communion
(c) anything that does not awaken the impulse to love
(d) what the meaning is of the experience

2. At this point, where does Teresa say she does any selfish thing?
(a) outside the castle
(b) in a vision
(c) inside that castle
(d) in the dark

3. What overwhelming emotion does Teresa go on to discuss in Dwelling Six?
(a) the desire to do as much good as possible
(b) the feeling of taking arms to protect the Church
(c) the ache to see the Beloved again and again
(d) the immensity of a soul's desire to die and join her Beloved

4. On what does Teresa suggest one meditates when in the state of sorrow for their past transgressions?
(a) the good things they have done in the past
(b) the peace that comes with dying
(c) the light they have seen in Dwelling Six
(d) the saints who have walked this path before them

5. According to Teresa, what is the condition when voices are heard?
(a) deepend ecstasy
(b) communication of the saints
(c) frequently signs of mental imbalance
(d) complete concentrations

6. What is Teresa's analogy regarding the Seventh Dwelling?
(a) meditation is in the form of butterflies
(b) the soul and her Lord are now wed
(c) there is a union of all the saints
(d) the wedding feast is being prepared

7. Why does Teresa insist she should not be pitied?
(a) because she knows God will find a way for her to teach others
(b) because she has the infinity of the strength of God to buoy her
(c) because pity should be given to the poor and outcasts
(d) because it would insult God

8. What does Teresa say the soul engages in after the espousal in Dwelling Six?
(a) painful lamenting
(b) over indulgence
(c) days of solitude
(d) radiant celebration

9. Even though the change it works in her is permanent, how does Teresa say she can describe the contact with the Beloved?
(a) only partly able to describe the experience once it has ended
(b) totally the vision of her death and resurrection
(c) able to tell others who have just entered the Sixth Dwelling
(d) able to prophecy the future of the world based on the experience

10. Does Teresa say that hearing voices is always a negative sign?
(a) Yes, people who hear them are unbalanced.
(b) Yes, they mean one is not in the Sixth Dwelling.
(c) No, at times they are used by God.
(d) No, they may just be memories.

11. What is the final activity in the Sixth Dwelling, according to Teresa?
(a) The soul loses its identity.
(b) The soul leaves the body.
(c) God consummates His engagement to His betrothed soul.
(d) God performs a major test of faith.

12. From what strange source does Teresa find joy?
(a) being persecuted for her King
(b) being fed by the Hand of God
(c) being free from physical labor
(d) being cured of her physical ailments

13. What does her focus on her inner temple now bring Teresa in the Seventh Dwelling?
(a) being separated from her body
(b) being at peace with her detractors
(c) being aware of all she can become
(d) being perfectly united with her King

14. What does Teresa say a good adviser will know?
(a) whether a vision is from God or from the spirit of evil
(b) how to disgusie his reactions to what she says
(c) where to talk so they are not overheard
(d) how to pray for guidance in directing her

15. Why is Teresa limited in what she can do by way of teaching others what she knows?
(a) She has no teacher training.
(b) She is too mystical.
(c) She is not a man.
(d) She has no material support.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teresa say intensifies the pain?

2. What is the condition of the soul at this point?

3. What does Teresa say she was doing that sometimes caused her to forget the simple guideline of getting to God?

4. What is the source of the pain Teresa describes?

5. How does Teresa qualify the marriage?

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