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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In her metaphor, how does Teresa explain dying to one's personal desires?
(a) when the bee makes honey, all bees are benefitted
(b) when the silkworm dies the butterfly emerges
(c) when the ant collects food, all survive
(d) when the herd stays together, all elephants are safe

2. What if someone makes elaborate sacrifice and asks special gifts from God?
(a) God is under no obligation to give.
(b) God is obligated to give in like kind.
(c) God will give all.
(d) God will give more.

3. What do souls rightly handling spiritual trials do?
(a) adjust their perspective
(b) work them out for themselves
(c) sweep them under the carpet
(d) let them go

4. What does Teresa say some observing her behavior may assume?
(a) that she is putting on a show of her faith
(b) that she has gone out of her mind
(c) that she is about to die
(d) that she is trying to be a young woman

5. After the Fifth Dwelling experience, what is the supplicant's new attitude?
(a) superior to all others
(b) dissatisfied with every earthly pleasure
(c) ready to go out into the world again
(d) satisfied with herself and all she does

6. What does Teresa say makes the Prayer of Recollection necessary?
(a) when one has not prayed every day
(b) when one begins to forget how to pray
(c) when one has picked up bad habits
(d) when one has left the convent

7. What is the composition of the castle?
(a) diamond or some clear crystal
(b) solid, carved stone
(c) cedars from Lebanon
(d) brick and mortor

8. How is the soul once it moves into the Second Dwelling?
(a) experimenting with temptations
(b) more aware of the temptations
(c) unaware of temptations
(d) free of temptations

9. What does she say is inside the castle?
(a) dwellings in every direction
(b) green fields and flowers
(c) rooms filled with busy people
(d) diamonds and jewels

10. When was the book written?
(a) 1577 A .D.
(b) 1493 A. D.
(c) 1776 A. D.
(d) 1665 A. D.

11. What sign does the bride give that she is ready for union with God?
(a) She crawls on her hands and knees.
(b) She keeps her eyes lowered at all times.
(c) She covers her head when she prays.
(d) She removes herself from the possibility of error.

12. After the Prayer of Union, where does the sister realize she was?
(a) in God and He was in her
(b) near death
(c) floating in the cosmos
(d) among the saints

13. Why is Teresa undertaking the writing of this book?
(a) her need to keep busy at her age
(b) her last chance to write a book
(c) her obedience to her confessor
(d) her need to share her experience with the world

14. Why does Teresa stress that the most important thing is to bind one's will to the will of God instead of seeking some particular blessing?
(a) to get God to do her own will
(b) to establish the intimacy she describes and to maintain it
(c) to become superior to those in the lower dwellings
(d) to learn how to manipulate the Fifth Dwelling

15. What does Teresa prescribe instead of memorized prayers?
(a) prayers accompanied by the Rosary
(b) requests for specific needs
(c) spoken prayer with self-examination
(d) written out prayers

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the simile of the soul's remaining willing and receptive so that God will shape her into a selfless lover?

2. What does Teresa say God is under no obligation to do"

3. What does Teresa classify as a sign of the intention to draw ever closer to God?

4. What does Teresa say a person who prays must do?

5. How does Teresa say the confirmation of the Prayer of Union is not determined?

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