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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What troubles Teresa as she is about to start writing?
(a) serious health problems
(b) lack of ideas about where to start
(c) problems relating to the other sisters
(d) visions of her death

2. How does Teresa say most people make decisions and judgments?
(a) quickly and groundlessly
(b) carefully and truthfully
(c) slowly and with reason
(d) urgently and fearlessly

3. What does a sister do when entering into the Fifth Dwelling?
(a) dies to her own desires
(b) changes her clothes
(c) opens her mind to spiritual infinity
(d) bows low and says the Our Father

4. Why is grief of putting to death the silkworm worth forging through?
(a) it is a necessary and beautiful death
(b) it is a prerequisite of obedience
(c) it is a trial by fire
(d) it is a new kind of experience

5. Where is the Carmelite Convent of St. Joseph's
(a) Madrid, Spain
(b) Valencia, Spain
(c) Barcelona, Spain
(d) Toledo, Spain

6. What does she say is inside the castle?
(a) diamonds and jewels
(b) dwellings in every direction
(c) green fields and flowers
(d) rooms filled with busy people

7. What does Teresa say God is under no obligation to do"
(a) show miraculous signs to motivate people to believe
(b) bestow gifts to motivate believers to continue seeking Him
(c) care whether anyone accesses the Fifth Dwelling or not
(d) command obedience apart from free will

8. What does Teresa warn against regarding spiritual affectations?
(a) becoming smug in one's relationship to God
(b) putting on shows of miracle working
(c) putting on a show of one's spirituality with esoteric jargon
(d) performing good deeds without love

9. What metaphor does Teresa introduce about the Fifth Dwelling?
(a) the way a bee works tirelessly for the queen
(b) the way a silk worm tirelessly works for the benefit of people
(c) the way an ant collects food for the winter
(d) the way a herd of elephants stay together

10. What does Teresa say about good works done outside of communion with God ?
(a) They open the door to God.
(b) They make up for other failings.
(c) They come from a spirit of evil.
(d) They are useful to other people.

11. What sign does the bride give that she is ready for union with God?
(a) She crawls on her hands and knees.
(b) She keeps her eyes lowered at all times.
(c) She covers her head when she prays.
(d) She removes herself from the possibility of error.

12. To whom is THE INNER CASTLE addressed?
(a) sisters at Mr. Carmel convent
(b) the Beloved
(c) church me to help them underrstand women
(d) all women

13. What does Teresa say inhabits the outside of the castle?
(a) vile, poisonous creatures
(b) the dead
(c) dragons and monsters
(d) lay people

14. What does Teresa say makes the Prayer of Recollection necessary?
(a) when one has not prayed every day
(b) when one has left the convent
(c) when one begins to forget how to pray
(d) when one has picked up bad habits

15. What condition does Teresa suggest a soul is in when it turns away from a life of prayer?
(a) in a state of grave error
(b) being outside not able to find the door
(c) being free to examine itself
(d) in a world of confusion

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teresa stress at the beginning of her treatise?

2. During what time does the soul recognize its capacity for receiving sweetness, or water from the spring?

3. What does Teresa say some of her sisters do when they are engrossed in their own reaction to what is happening in their souls?

4. How does Teresa say God views the potential bride?

5. With whom does Teresa find comfort during this time?

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