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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must the formerly rich man do when he is reduced to poverty?
(a) curse God and die
(b) to maintain faith that God works wisely for his good
(c) realize that he has sinned
(d) take up a new religion

2. What does Teresa say God will do for those who face the possibility of losing their reputations?
(a) make them examples to other people
(b) cast them away from His care
(c) hide them from public view
(d) equip them to handle the circumstance with dignity

3. What does Teresa say the nature of many people is?
(a) willingness to believe the negative things they hear
(b) willingness to believe the good things they hear
(c) willingness to learn better things from example
(d) willingness to overlook what they do not understand

4. How does Teresa describe the silk worm nature of the pending change in the supplicant?
(a) moving into beauty and intimate service
(b) spinning tightly into a silk cacoon
(c) facing the anxiety of the unknown
(d) going through the pain of dying and resurrection

5. To what does Teresa invite the sister who would enter the Fifth Dwelling?
(a) deliberate meditation on the beauty of that life and sacrifice
(b) communal prayer sessions to gain entrance
(c) certain herbs that enhance the experience
(d) lessons on finding the doorway

6. Even at this stage, what does Teresa say God allows?
(a) the possibility of lingering in the world
(b) visions to speed up the process of revealing Himslef
(c) temptation to test the ones to whom He is about to reveal Himself
(d) physical pain and suffering

7. What is a second metaphor of spiritual consolation?
(a) bird sogn that lifts the spirit
(b) a fragrance that originates deep in the soul
(c) bubbleing springs that tinkle like bells
(d) sweet music that comes from on high

8. How does Teresa classify repeated prayers from memory?
(a) as fruitful
(b) as mindless
(c) as time consuming
(d) as childish

9. What metaphor does Teresa use to discuss spiritual consolations?
(a) water
(b) earth
(c) fire
(d) air

10. What does Teresa suggest is the true test of the soul's capacity?
(a) a vessel running over with clear water
(b) being still for long periods of time
(c) recognizing the sweetness, and in not turning away from it
(d) knowing when God is speaking

11. What happens to good deeds when they are done in harmony with the love of Christ?
(a) They become miracles.
(b) They are more powerful,
(c) They happen spontaneously.
(d) They are repeated more often.

12. Where is the Carmelite Convent of St. Joseph's
(a) Barcelona, Spain
(b) Madrid, Spain
(c) Valencia, Spain
(d) Toledo, Spain

13. How does Teresa advise her sisters they can stay humble?
(a) detaching oneself from results
(b) paying penance constantly
(c) working in the garden
(d) going to confession daily

14. Why is grief of putting to death the silkworm worth forging through?
(a) it is a prerequisite of obedience
(b) it is a trial by fire
(c) it is a necessary and beautiful death
(d) it is a new kind of experience

15. Where does Teresa say her words come from?
(a) the Saints
(b) the visions she has
(c) the Beloved
(d) the Bible

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Teresa classify those who have reached the Third Dwelling?

2. How does Teresa say God views the potential bride?

3. What is the Prayer of Recollection all about?

4. After the Prayer of Union, where does the sister realize she was?

5. What is Teresa's metaphor of the tree transplanted into a smelly bog?

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