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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What l transition does Teresa say should happen at Dwelling Three?
(a) from a life of learning to one of teaching
(b) from youth to old age
(c) from a devotional life to one of tangible service and sacrifice
(d) from a life of service to one of total prayer

2. What if someone makes elaborate sacrifice and asks special gifts from God?
(a) God is obligated to give in like kind.
(b) God is under no obligation to give.
(c) God will give all.
(d) God will give more.

3. In the early chambers of the Fifth Dwelling, what must the supplicant do?
(a) keep both feet on the floor
(b) prepare to believe everything experienced
(c) look around to remember where one is
(d) test the spirits to see if the experience is good and godly

4. What is the composition of the castle?
(a) cedars from Lebanon
(b) solid, carved stone
(c) brick and mortor
(d) diamond or some clear crystal

5. From where does Teresa say consolations come?
(a) from purely human endeavors
(b) from publication of books
(c) from spiritual superiors
(d) from great sorrow

6. What condition does Teresa suggest a soul is in when it turns away from a life of prayer?
(a) in a state of grave error
(b) in a world of confusion
(c) being outside not able to find the door
(d) being free to examine itself

7. How is the soul once it moves into the Second Dwelling?
(a) free of temptations
(b) more aware of the temptations
(c) unaware of temptations
(d) experimenting with temptations

8. How does Teresa describe the bride of the Lord?
(a) a soul who seeks protection
(b) a soul who sees the worth of her Lord
(c) a soul who has new whte raiment
(d) a soul who has no physical desires

9. What does Teresa suggest is the true test of the soul's capacity?
(a) knowing when God is speaking
(b) a vessel running over with clear water
(c) recognizing the sweetness, and in not turning away from it
(d) being still for long periods of time

10. How does Teresa say some souls react when God tests their strength and dependence on Him?
(a) slowly, delaying their progress
(b) out of proportion to what is necessary to endure the trial
(c) doing nothing and hoping for the better
(d) defiantly toward all things spiritual

11. What simile does Teresa use to describe turning away from a life of prayer?
(a) like putting out all the candles in a dark house
(b) like putting mud in a cake
(c) like never washing out a drinking cup
(d) like throwing a shroud over a brightly shining jewel

12. As intimacy grows deeper, how are experiences of God measured?
(a) as less quantifiable and much more other-worldly
(b) as mile markers on the way to heaven
(c) as trials that are overcome
(d) as sudden insights through study

13. How does Teresa identify a period of spiritual aridity?
(a) when the supplicant forgets to drink water
(b) when the words of prayer simply will not come
(c) when the time for prayer feels like a drudgery
(d) when proceeding faithfully is more work than gratification

14. What vision does Teresa have that gives her the idea of how to proceed with the book?
(a) a vision of a castle
(b) a vision of a winding road
(c) a vision of St. Joseph
(d) a vision of prayer

15. What does Teresa say she has never experienced?
(a) the mental effects of spiritual visions
(b) the after effects of spiritual revelation
(c) the lasting effects of forgetting to pray
(d) the physical effects of spiritual consolations

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teresa say happens to those who dwell outside the castle?

2. What is the most important quality of someone wishing to move deeper?

3. What does she think about what she has to say in this book?

4. When is it good for the rich to desire more wealth?

5. What does Teresa say some of her sisters do when they are engrossed in their own reaction to what is happening in their souls?

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