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1. What explanation does Teresa give in her prologue?

In St. Teresa's Prologue to The Interior Castle, she addresses her sisters at the convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to explain the assignment that has been given her.

2. How has Teresa handled fear and weakness on her part in the past?

Whenever she has admitted her fear and weakness to God in the past, He has made impossible things easy and pleasurable.

3. What reservation does Teresa have about writing on the subject of prayer?

Whatever she might have to say on such a subject she must certainly have already said in previous writings.

4. What is Teresa's conclusion on how she will proceed with the writing?

She will supplicate herself to Him again and allow Him to do the work through her.

5. What indicates Teresa's Christian mysticism as she begins her book?

She relates how a vision was granted her of how this book might be presented.

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