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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it when the soul retreats from the senses and begins to rebuild the temple where it can go to worship?
(a) the Lord's Prayer
(b) the Prayer of the Faithful
(c) the Prayer of Recollection
(d) the Prayer of Contrition

2. What does Teresa recognize when she experiences a soul-filling fragrance?
(a) She knows that she is still alive.
(b) She knows that He is calling her.
(c) She knows that she is having a death experience.
(d) She knows she must wait longer.

3. How does Teresa identify a period of spiritual aridity?
(a) when the supplicant forgets to drink water
(b) when the words of prayer simply will not come
(c) when the time for prayer feels like a drudgery
(d) when proceeding faithfully is more work than gratification

4. Even though the change it works in her is permanent, how does Teresa say she can describe the contact with the Beloved?
(a) able to tell others who have just entered the Sixth Dwelling
(b) only partly able to describe the experience once it has ended
(c) totally the vision of her death and resurrection
(d) able to prophecy the future of the world based on the experience

5. In those moments of ecstasy, how is the soul whisked away by God?
(a) on a white horse
(b) in a flash of light
(c) lifted by angels
(d) with startling speed

Short Answer Questions

1. What do many people do to prevent them from moving into the Fifth Dwelling?

2. With whom does Teresa find comfort during this time?

3. To what does Teresa invite the sister who would enter the Fifth Dwelling?

4. How does Teresa say the confirmation of the Prayer of Union is not determined?

5. What is the condition Teresa describes in the Fifth Dwelling?

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