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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Teresa say she was doing that sometimes caused her to forget the simple guideline of getting to God?
(a) meditating too long on the saints
(b) working on her writing
(c) thinking too much about Christ
(d) seeking the consolations of prayer

2. Where is the Carmelite Convent of St. Joseph's
(a) Madrid, Spain
(b) Barcelona, Spain
(c) Valencia, Spain
(d) Toledo, Spain

3. What do souls rightly handling spiritual trials do?
(a) adjust their perspective
(b) let them go
(c) work them out for themselves
(d) sweep them under the carpet

4. Where does Teresa say her words come from?
(a) the Saints
(b) the Bible
(c) the Beloved
(d) the visions she has

5. What is the most important quality of someone wishing to move deeper?
(a) industry
(b) moderation
(c) humility
(d) indoctrination

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Teresa identify a period of spiritual aridity?

2. What remains in the mind about the reality and sacredness of such a foreign experience in the Fifth Dwelling?

3. What does Teresa say the encounters with God feel like?

4. Why is Teresa the one ordered to write the book on prayer for women?

5. In the Sixth Dwelling, what does Teresa describe pertaining to the bride?

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