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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are these Fourth Dwelling places deeper and more and more beautiful?
(a) because they are not internal
(b) because they are more expensive
(c) because they require more maintenance
(d) because they are nearer to the King

2. To whom is THE INNER CASTLE addressed?
(a) all women
(b) church me to help them underrstand women
(c) sisters at Mr. Carmel convent
(d) the Beloved

3. What does Teresa say the condition of the soul is in the First Dwelling?
(a) confused by being in a strange place
(b) only just beginning to learn to pray
(c) like that of a small child
(d) looking for the way back outside

4. How does Teresa say some souls react when God tests their strength and dependence on Him?
(a) doing nothing and hoping for the better
(b) out of proportion to what is necessary to endure the trial
(c) slowly, delaying their progress
(d) defiantly toward all things spiritual

5. What worries Teresa about being able to quote other writers?
(a) her need to appear scholarly
(b) her failing memory
(c) her lack of a reference library
(d) her accidentally stealing their words

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Teresa say the confirmation of the Prayer of Union is not determined?

2. Why does Teresa insist she should not be pitied?

3. What does Teresa warn against regarding spiritual affectations?

4. In the early chambers of the Fifth Dwelling, what must the supplicant do?

5. What does Teresa say she has never experienced?

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