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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do souls rightly handling spiritual trials do?
(a) let them go
(b) work them out for themselves
(c) adjust their perspective
(d) sweep them under the carpet

2. What worries Teresa about being able to quote other writers?
(a) her need to appear scholarly
(b) her failing memory
(c) her lack of a reference library
(d) her accidentally stealing their words

3. What does Teresa say the mind will do if it is allowed to wander during prayer?
(a) inevitably hopelessly stimulate the imagination
(b) drift back towards God
(c) seek out the weaknesses in the soul
(d) recall all the things one needs to pray for

4. What simile does Teresa use to describe turning away from a life of prayer?
(a) like never washing out a drinking cup
(b) like throwing a shroud over a brightly shining jewel
(c) like putting mud in a cake
(d) like putting out all the candles in a dark house

5. What remains in the mind about the reality and sacredness of such a foreign experience in the Fifth Dwelling?
(a) confusion
(b) the outter castle
(c) memory
(d) skepticism

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Teresa undertaking the writing of this book?

2. What does a sister do when entering into the Fifth Dwelling?

3. What does Teresa say about good deeds that only glorify the person who does them?

4. What does she think about what she has to say in this book?

5. What, according to Teresa, is the value of continuously reflecting on one's own character?

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