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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the hope of the soul in the Third Dwelling?
(a) less trouble in the earthly life
(b) more space to be comfortable in
(c) a life of serving God, or wishing to be taken to Him
(d) a greater responsibility to please God

2. What is the most important quality of someone wishing to move deeper?
(a) indoctrination
(b) humility
(c) industry
(d) moderation

3. What examples does Teresa give of others who were once thought mad because of their intense relationship with God?
(a) Saint Joan and Saint Ignatious
(b) Saint Paul and Saint Rebecca
(c) Saint Anne and Saint Gregory
(d) Saint Francis and Peter of Alcantara

4. What does Teresa say the condition of the soul is in the First Dwelling?
(a) only just beginning to learn to pray
(b) like that of a small child
(c) confused by being in a strange place
(d) looking for the way back outside

5. How do imaginative visions embed themselves into the soul?
(a) as clear images that cannot be forgotten
(b) more as impressions than crisp memories
(c) as fleeting images that return from time to time
(d) as metaphors of all that the visions reveal

Short Answer Questions

1. If a voice she hears causes her to linger in worship and increases her devotion, what conclusion does Teresa draw?

2. What overwhelming emotion does Teresa go on to discuss in Dwelling Six?

3. What does Teresa warn against about emotions from the Sixth Dwelling?

4. What vision does Teresa have that gives her the idea of how to proceed with the book?

5. What does Teresa prescribe instead of memorized prayers?

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