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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the early chambers of the Fifth Dwelling, what must the supplicant do?
(a) keep both feet on the floor
(b) look around to remember where one is
(c) prepare to believe everything experienced
(d) test the spirits to see if the experience is good and godly

2. As intimacy grows deeper, how are experiences of God measured?
(a) as trials that are overcome
(b) as less quantifiable and much more other-worldly
(c) as sudden insights through study
(d) as mile markers on the way to heaven

3. What is the condition Teresa describes in the Fifth Dwelling?
(a) physical elevation
(b) translocation
(c) removed from her senses and reason
(d) great longing

4. How does Teresa describe the bride of the Lord?
(a) a soul who seeks protection
(b) a soul who has new whte raiment
(c) a soul who sees the worth of her Lord
(d) a soul who has no physical desires

5. Why are these Fourth Dwelling places deeper and more and more beautiful?
(a) because they are more expensive
(b) because they are nearer to the King
(c) because they are not internal
(d) because they require more maintenance

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Teresa say God views the potential bride?

2. From where does Teresa say consolations come?

3. What does Teresa classify as a sign of the intention to draw ever closer to God?

4. What does Teresa say the condition of the soul is in the First Dwelling?

5. What must be understood if the thoughts that serve as distractions are from a spirit of evil?

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