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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who may, according to Teresa, cause doubt and turning away from her experience as soon as she is out of the throes of it?
(a) the harsh realities of day to day living
(b) sisters who know more than she does
(c) people who come with too many earthly problems
(d) inept and paranoid spiritual advisors

2. What does Teresa say some observing her behavior may assume?
(a) that she is trying to be a young woman
(b) that she is putting on a show of her faith
(c) that she has gone out of her mind
(d) that she is about to die

3. In the Sixth Dwelling, what does Teresa describe pertaining to the bride?
(a) how the Groom will look in person
(b) how she wonders what her wedding dress will be like
(c) how the time seems to take forever
(d) how eagerly she awaits her wedding day

4. What must be understood if the thoughts that serve as distractions are from a spirit of evil?
(a) they will reverse the soul's progress
(b) they will increase
(c) they will dominate
(d) they will pass

5. What knowledge does Teresa say is the cause of intellectual visions?
(a) that God is always watching
(b) that she was taught these things
(c) that she has been there before
(d) that God uses both mind and soul

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teresa say is important at the Fourth Dwelling intimacy with God?

2. As intimacy grows deeper, how are experiences of God measured?

3. What comes to her as she recognizes her ever increasing responsibility and passion to be of service to a God?

4. What sets intellectual visions apart from all others?

5. With whom does Teresa suggest the sisters share such intense relationships with God?

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