The Interior Castle Multiple Choice Test Questions

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1. To whom is THE INNER CASTLE addressed?
(a) the Beloved
(b) sisters at Mr. Carmel convent
(c) all women
(d) church me to help them underrstand women

2. When was the book written?
(a) 1493 A. D.
(b) 1665 A. D.
(c) 1776 A. D.
(d) 1577 A .D.

3. Why is Teresa undertaking the writing of this book?
(a) her last chance to write a book
(b) her obedience to her confessor
(c) her need to share her experience with the world
(d) her need to keep busy at her age

4. What troubles Teresa as she is about to start writing?
(a) lack of ideas about where to start
(b) visions of her death
(c) serious health problems
(d) problems relating to the other sisters

5. What does she think about what she has to say in this book?
(a) that there is too much information for only one book
(b) that she has already said everything in other books
(c) that no one will understand what she says
(d) that she cannot write what she does not know

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