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Lesson 1

Objective: Prologue The student will take notes from a teacher lecture on the background, style, and content of THE INNER CASTLE.

1) Classroom activity:
Teacher lecture to include the following:
(1) Historical information about St. Teresa of Avila [Note: an excellent resource is Mirabai Starr's translation of the book in her Introduction.]
(2) Definition of Christian mysticism
(3) Problem of verifying anecdotal statements and experiences
(4) Understanding the book requires assumption that Teresa has an intimate relationship with God

Homework: Read the Prologue for insight into the character of Teresa of Avila. Be prepared to discuss Teresa's personality and faith in class.

Lesson 2

Objective: Prologue The student will present a personal definition of Christian mysticism and discuss its validity. The student will identify those aspects of Teresa's activity that caused her to be investigated by the Spanish Inquisition.

1) Classroom activity:
1. Begin the class discussion around the idea of mysticism, and Christian mysticism...

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