The Interior Castle Character Descriptions

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St. Teresa of Avila

An older member of a 16th century Carmelite monastery given the task of writing a discourse on prayer.

The Beloved

Most commonly a reference to God in the book.

The Spirit of Evil

The characters that try to tempt seeking souls away from their paths of contemplation and devotion.

The Butterfly

The analogy of the seeking soul which undergoes a metamorphosis as it moves into the deeper dwellings of the castle.

Poisonous Reptiles

The vile creatures that creep around outside the castle and creep occasionally into the exterior dwellings to tempt souls away from their devotional lives.

The wise man

The one who suggested that women understand better how to communicate complicated ideas to other women, and so requested Teresa write a dissertation on the subject of prayer.

Spiritual Advisers

Those a contemplating soul should seek are both educated and discerning.

Jealous Souls


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