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• The book is written in 1577 A. D. at the insistence of Teresa's spiritual adviser at the Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

• The subject of the book is to be prayer aimed especially at women.

• Teresa feels inadequate to the task but is determined to remain obedient.
• Teresa is known for her experiences in Christian mysticism and relies on those experiences to formulate her book.

• Teresa's plan is to supplicate herself to God and rely on His giving her the words.

• Though she does not write about it herself, history recounts that her mysticism landed her in trouble with the Spanish Inquisition.

Chapter 1

• Teresa begins the book after a vision that comes to her on how to present the topic to her sisters.

• The analogy she draws is one of a castle that has a succession of Dwellings leading up to the central, Crystal Dwelling which...

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