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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the bare hill in Shechem?

2. What legend does Twain relate in Chapter 40?

3. What surprises Twain about the emperor and his family?

4. The travelers find themselves in the mountains of what area in Chapter 41?

5. What are the spinning dancers of a religious healing nature called?

Short Essay Questions

1. Because the travelers are not permitted in Greece, they decide to move on to Turkey. What are some of the dubious customs of Turkey, and what does Twain say about those customs when comparing them to those of America?

2. Expecting the worst on the trip to Sevastopol, the group is on alert and a bit scared about what might happen. Describe the group's experience and how they react to the Russians.

3. Mark Twain is eager to oblige the New York Herald's request for a complimentary summary of the excursion . What does Twain do to make the document more readable and user friendly?

4. Despite his earlier cynicism, Twain's faith in the locations and objects of Jerusalem seems unshakable, and he even challenges the reader to prove several hypotheses false. What are some examples of this almost blind faith, and what reasoning does Twain give to justify his unwavering belief?

5. Twain finds himself quoting the writer of "Life in the Holy Land" referring to Palestine as monotonous and uninviting. However, Twain also offers his own description of Palestine. How does he feel about the area?

6. Describe the scene of the journey to Mary Magdalene's former home in the tiny, extremely impoverished village of Magdala. How do you think the group feels once it has seen Mary's home and is on its way out?

7. Baalbek's landscape is dotted with temples and ancient escarpments, making the location feel timeless and overwhelming. How do Twain and his friends feel about Baalbek?

8. Twain and the group have, to this point, been surrounded by foreigners with nothing to gain from the group but their money. Their experience with the Russians is happily different. What happens to make the group feel this way?

9. On a hill in Smyrna are layers of broken crockery and oyster shells. Twain is perplexed by who might have put these items in such an odd place. What are some of the possible origins for the shells and crockery given by Twain in Chapter 39?

10. Twain and his companions' awe at walking in Jesus' footsteps and perhaps touching the very surface he may have once touched continues. They come to the tiny village of Shunem. What is the village's main attraction for Twain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Based upon the advertisement at the beginning of the story, what do you think the passengers' expectations were? Do you think they were met? If not, what do you think specifically disappointed them and why? Do you think this was a case of false advertising? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Pompeii obviously disturbs Twain. What about it seems to disturb him most? Do you think he has a point when he wonders whether the history of the United States would be accurately recorded if it suffered just such a catastrophic event? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Twain and his companions embark on the excursion with a certain set of expectations. Do you think their expectations shift as the trip progresses? How? What would have influenced their changing expectations? Keeping this in mind, compare/contrast Twain's expectations of the journey at the beginning of the story with his expectations once he reaches the Holy Land. Use specific examples to support your theory.

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