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Short Answer Questions

1. What family financed Titian and Raphael?

2. What is the name of the renowned burial ground for romantically famous people in France?

3. To what site is the midnight excursion in Athens?

4. How long is the time between registration and the event?

5. In which cities does Twain admit not even taking notes?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 13, the group hires a tour guide to show them famous sites. Despite being tasked with this duty, the guide seems more interested in obtaining money by taking the tourists shopping and earning a commission. He even manages to keep them from making the Louvre before closing. What does this say about the tour guides in Paris, and how might this affect the group's hiring of other tour guides in the future?

2. Venice is a city of many stories and legends. Describe the legend of the patron saint of Venice, St. Mark.

3. Venice seems to bring out a flurry of emotions in Twain. He is at first disappointed then excited, and in Chapter 23, eventually bored. Why is Twain eventually bored?

4. What is the legend associated with the Grotto Del Cane? From what event did this legend arise?

5. Twain accompanies his group to the Coliseum. As he watches them scrabble for pieces of the huge building, he finds a playbill where a woman invites a man on a secret date. Why is this piece of trash more interesting to Twain than the souvenirs his friends seek?

6. After their visit to Versailles, the travelers return to find that a "great battle" has taken place on the ship, and they have missed the events. What was the battle about, and who were the participants?

7. Twain has a moment of questioned faith in Chapter 6. What inspires this questioning? Is he questioning his faith or the object? Why does he question at all?

8. Compare/contrast Twain's first opinion of Venice to his opinion after he arrives at the Grand Canal.

9. The romantic story of Heloise and Abelard is given a large section in Chapter 15. The entire chapter is nearly taken up by the story, despite the focus given to a cemetery. Why do you think Twain chose to include this story?

10. On a visit to the Capuchin Convent, the group is led into a vault decorated with the bones of ancient deceased monks. What is it about this vault that so fascinates Twain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the tour through Jerusalem. What do you believe were highlights to Twain? What do you believe were lowlights? After the excitement built throughout the trip, do you think he is pleased, sorely disappointed, or somewhere in between? Why?

Essay Topic 2

There are many points in the story where Twain notes that, though he cannot see or visualize something, it must be true because it was written about. What does this say about Twain? What does this say about his faith in the written word? Select a particular instance that outlines this.

Essay Topic 3

In Smyrna, the group is confronted with a high hill awash with oyster shells and broken pottery. This appears to be an incredible source of consternation for Twain. Why do you think he obsesses so heavily over the origin of these objects so out of context? Do you think he, himself, feels so out of place that he must find a reason for the shells and pottery to justify his reason for being there? Why or why not?

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