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Write your own advertisement tempting the citizenry to spend their money on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Use descriptions of the ship, entertainment, excursions, etc.

Entertaining the Masses

Pretend that you are a travel writer. Choose any one of the destinations in the story, and write a travel article based on the description from the story.


Create a 3-D model of one of the locations in the story. Based upon the description given, make it as detailed and believable as possible.


You are a blog writer updating the masses on this glamorous trip. Write a simple blog for each chapter telling your followers about the trip.

Telling Time

Research the method of telling time on a ship as described by Twain. Why is it so confusing?

Where Would You Go?

Select five countries visited by Twain and his friends, and explain what tourist attractions you would visit...

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