The Innocent Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are Leonard's first impressions of his new apartment in Chapter 1?

Leonard's first impression of his new apartment is good and he is very pleased to find that it is spacious and nicely furnished. He is surprised by how much joy it gives him to finally have his own place and he takes time to familiarize himself with it before sitting down to relax from his trip.

2. What conversation does Leonard overhear during his dinner in Chapter 1?

While Leonard is eating his dinner in Chapter 1, he overhears some older men boasting of their atrocities in the war. He notes that the words train and death were used frequently and that the men bragged about their deeds that they should have been horrified over.

3. Describe the appearance of Glass.

Glass is a shorter man who is five foot six inches. He has a stocky body with a thick neck and Leonard notices that he seems "all bottled up in his suit." He has dark wiry hair and he wears a beard.

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