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This city is the setting of the novel.

The Berlin Wall

This separates the two sides of Berlin.

Marnham's Apartment

This is a relatively luxurious apartment paid for the employers of its occupant.

Maria's Apartment

This is a small, cluttered, and individualized apartment.

The Research Facility at Altglienicke

The facility is an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Berlin.

The Tunnel

This houses communication lines that are designed to intercept Eastern communications.

The Tape Recorders

These are the items to which Leonard devotes much time unpacking and modifying.

The Nelson Technique

This is used by the Americans to search out the ghosts of original messages hidden within the coded versions.

Rock and Roll

This embodies the spirit of celebration.

The Suitcases

Leonard steals these from his work and plans on dumping them in Berlin.

Maria's Letter

This reveals how Maria was able to keep Leonard from being...

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