The Innocent Character Descriptions

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Leonard Marnham

This character evolves from being naive, sheltered, and inexperienced into a worldly, sexually, and emotionally experienced adult.


This character is divorced, lives alone, and works as a typist and translator.

Bob Glass

This character is an American who wears a beard and oversees the tunnel project.


This character is a British secret service agent assigned to the warehouse tunnel project.


This character is eventually killed and dismembered by the protagonist.

Mr. Blake

This character is an espionage agent, an operative for the Eastern Bloc who is disguised by a mask of British mannerisms.


This character is an informant for the Eastern Bloc who solicits information about the Americans at a cafe.


This character is a loud, outspoken, brash American that embodies self-righteousness and arrogance.

The Russians and Germans (The Eastern Bloc)

These groups are essential autocratic and communist.

The Allies


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