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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Biju go to Kathmandu?

2. What was the big court case that Bose had lost?

3. What did the judge see the cook doing as he was heading home from the restaurant?

4. Why did the cook sacrifice a chicken and goat?

5. As the situation in Kalimpong worsens, what happens to Lola and Noni's property?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the judge's reaction to Mutt's disappearance in chapter 46 reveal about his character?

2. How are the cook's feelings about Biju in chapter 43 similar to the feelings Biju expresses about his home in chapter 41?

3. In chapter 31, what does Sai's assertion that it is unwise to read old books tell the reader about her?

4. In chapter 30, why does the cook suddenly begin having superstitious fears for Biju's life?

5. What is the biggest loss that nearly all the characters inherited when the English left India?

6. Why does Biju feel as though he can see clearly for the first time in years, now that he is back home in India?

7. In chapter 30, what does Harish-Harry tell Biju that illustrates how naive he is about the situation of the illegal immigrants who work for him?

8. How is the cook's reaction to the worst of the civil unrest in chapter 44 unique?

9. Would the judge's character be different if his father had not sent him away to school?

10. How does the women's discussion about religion in the library reflect the events that surround them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As civilization breaks down in the Indian village, the rich ultimately pay the price. Would they have been treated differently if they had given all their money to the liberation cause when the unrest had begun? Or is it inevitable that they would be viewed as upper class and shunned and taken advantage of, regardless of their current status?

Essay Topic 2

Sai is constantly arguing with Gyan over his accusations about her values and behaviors. How do Sai's perceptions of herself differ from Gyan's perceptions of her? To what factors can we attribute these differences in perception?

Essay Topic 3

How do the judge's behavior and actions upon returning from England to his family represent the English and Indian sides of himself? Has he adopted the best English customs and the worst Indian ones, or vice-versa?

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