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Short Answer Questions

1. As they gain power, how do the GNLF define justice?

2. What types of books do Lola and Noni borrow?

3. Why does Biju go to Kathmandu?

4. What does Sai imagine happened to the judge's dog?

5. How does Biju feel about his relationship with his father after his phone call?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 34, what is the significance of Father Booty's deportation after living in Kalimong for 45 years?

2. In chapter 40, how does Sai react when she discovers that Gyan lives in poverty and what does this signify?

3. Does Biju make the right decision in returning to India?

4. Why does Biju feel as though he can see clearly for the first time in years, now that he is back home in India?

5. In chapter 31, what does Sai's assertion that it is unwise to read old books tell the reader about her?

6. In chapter 41, how does Biju's reaction to the travel agent's advice reflect Biju's idea of what constitutes a "better life"?

7. Would the judge's character be different if his father had not sent him away to school?

8. In chapter 33, why does Sai feel jealous of the mothers and children in the restaurant?

9. In chapter 38, could Lola and Noni have prevented the village community from shunning them if they hadn't flaunted their wealth all their lives?

10. Is the judge justified for blaming the cook for Mutt's disappearance in chapter 51?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do Sai and Gyan's recognition of a common ancestral connection to the British bring them closer together, push them farther apart, or do both at different times? Are these similarities equally important to Sai and Gyan? Why are their connections to the British so important, so troublesome, or both?

Essay Topic 2

When Biju is scammed into paying to travel to Kathmandu for a training session, he witnesses a butcher calling a goat by the worst swear words imaginable before killing it. How do the butcher's actions symbolize those of the scammers? In what way is the scam itself complicated and ritualized, and how is the end result the same for Biju as it is for the goat? Why do you think the author chose a goat, as opposed to another type of animal?

Essay Topic 3

The judge and Biju are both victims of very different types of Indian tokenization while they are abroad. The judge is allowed to join the ICS only because they want more Indian members. Biju is not permitted to apply for a green card only because he is an Indian, and there are too many Indians who want one. How is each character ultimately affected by the knowledge that he is being categorized solely on the basis of his ethnicity? Does the judge see his experience as good luck and Biju see his as bad? How do these experiences relate to the two characters' feelings about their Indian identity? How do the experiences affect their character development later on?

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