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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the judge remember as he was heading home from the restaurant?

2. What does Biju hear over the phone?

3. Who has been watching Sai and Gyan's interaction at Gyan's house?

4. When the judge asked his wife if she was stupid, what was her reply?

5. What happens to Father Booty six months after the library visit?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 40, how does the judge's refusal to help the drunkard's family highlight his thinking only of himself?

2. In chapter 38, could Lola and Noni have prevented the village community from shunning them if they hadn't flaunted their wealth all their lives?

3. Why does Biju feel as though he can see clearly for the first time in years, now that he is back home in India?

4. What does the judge's reaction to Mutt's disappearance in chapter 46 reveal about his character?

5. In chapter 41, how does Biju's reaction to the travel agent's advice reflect Biju's idea of what constitutes a "better life"?

6. Why do Bose and son continue to try to improve Indians' lives, no matter how unsuccessful they are?

7. How is the cook's reaction to the worst of the civil unrest in chapter 44 unique?

8. What do Biju's childhood memories reveal about his character?

9. Are the characters searching for Mutt in chapter 49 all actually searching for someone else? If so, for whom are they searching?

10. Would the judge's character be different if his father had not sent him away to school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Biju and the judge were both sent away by their fathers in order to have a better life. Compare and contrast the two characters' experiences abroad, and how they ultimately affected each character. Why do you think things turned out so differently for the two characters? Does it have to do with their experiences? Their upbringing? Their personality?

Essay Topic 2

What is the significance of the fact that there are a number of characters who behave like the British, but there are no actual British characters specifically mentioned in the novel? Why are they so totally absent, and what is the end result of their absence for the characters who've tried to emulate them? At the end of the novel, do you think life is better for the Anglicized characters or those who view themselves purely as Indians, and why? Use examples of specific characters.

Essay Topic 3

As civilization breaks down in the Indian village, the rich ultimately pay the price. Would they have been treated differently if they had given all their money to the liberation cause when the unrest had begun? Or is it inevitable that they would be viewed as upper class and shunned and taken advantage of, regardless of their current status?

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