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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why don't Lola and Noni trust their watchman?
(a) He is Nepali.
(b) He is Pakistani.
(c) He is a former prison inmate.
(d) He has stolen from them.

2. After he joins the Liberation Movement, why is Gyan angered by all the time he spent with Sai?
(a) She is not a Gorkha.
(b) She is too young to make a serious commitment.
(c) He had to walk two hours to get to her house.
(d) He feels as though he was acting like a child, not a man.

3. How were Sai's parents killed?
(a) In a riot.
(b) As a form of capital punishment.
(c) In a car accident.
(d) In a plane crash.

4. What effect does her first meeting with Gyan have on Sai?
(a) She dislikes him.
(b) It makes her see herself as a woman.
(c) It inspires her to work harder at her studies.
(d) She finds him unattractive.

5. What effect did the judge's friend Bose have on him when he was living in England?
(a) He makes him more of a pessimist.
(b) He convinces the judge to hold onto his Indian ways.
(c) He helps the judge develop English mannerisms.
(d) He introduces him to important people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Lola and Noni feel about Sai's relationship with the cook?

2. What is Biju's job when his character is first introduced?

3. What type of food does Biju deliver?

4. Why does Biju quit his job at Brigitte's?

5. What do Saeed's in-laws encourage him to do?

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