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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sai learn from the library book she skims?
(a) That her people have never been equal to the British.
(b) That the way she was raised makes her equal to the British.
(c) That she is more British than Indian.
(d) That all people are equal.

2. Who is Harish-Harry?
(a) Biju's co-worker at the Ghandi Cafe.
(b) Biju's boss at the Ghandi Cafe.
(c) Biju's co-worker at Brigitte's.
(d) Biju's boss at Brigitte's.

3. When the judge returned from England for the first time, how did his family react to him?
(a) They were happy and welcoming.
(b) They were jealous and resentful.
(c) They were nosy and judgmental.
(d) They were doubting and suspicious.

4. What does Lola believe about the Nepalese?
(a) They should be expelled from India.
(b) They should be reduced to servitude.
(c) They should have their own homeland.
(d) They have no rights because they emigrated illegally.

5. Why don't Lola and Noni trust their watchman?
(a) He has stolen from them.
(b) He is Pakistani.
(c) He is Nepali.
(d) He is a former prison inmate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the job of the judge's father-in-law?

2. What type of person is Saeed Saeed?

3. What did the judge do to his wife when he first returned from England?

4. What does Noni believe about the Nepalese?

5. Why does Biju quit his job at Brigitte's?

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