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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sai react when Gyan apologizes for what he said to her about Christmas?
(a) She refuses to forgive him.
(b) She forgives him.
(c) She accuses him of being jealous of her wealth.
(d) She accuses him of being angry because he wasn't invited.

2. What does Gyan begin to realize about love as he and Sai grow apart?
(a) That it can be used for all kinds of purposes.
(b) That he should enjoy her love while he has it.
(c) That she is his one true love.
(d) That they are too young to be in love.

3. What does Sai feel towards Gyan when she sees his house?
(a) Shame.
(b) Ridicule.
(c) Envy.
(d) Pride.

4. When the bakery closes, how does Biju's separation from Saeed affect him?
(a) He is determined to stay in touch with Saeed.
(b) He is determined to return to India.
(c) He is determined not to let anyone get close to him again.
(d) He is determined to make new friends.

5. What effect did the judge's friend Bose have on him when he was living in England?
(a) He helps the judge develop English mannerisms.
(b) He introduces him to important people.
(c) He makes him more of a pessimist.
(d) He convinces the judge to hold onto his Indian ways.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Gyan react when Sai tells him the purpose of her visit to his home?

2. What does Sai tell Gyan is the purpose of her visit to his home?

3. What does Biju misrepresent about himself in his letters to the cook?

4. What request does the cook repeatedly make of Bijou?

5. Why is Sai shocked by Gyan's house?

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