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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 | Chapter 2)


In chapter 1, the reader is introduced to the characters who inhabit the house known as Cho Oyu. As the insurgents arrive and threaten their safety, the reader learns from the insurgents' observations and the household characters' reactions about who each major character is, how he or she fits into the class and social structures that exist, and what role he or she plays in the household. In this lesson, the students will gather all the information they can glean from this chapter about the inhabitants of the house and explore the connection between setting and characterization.


1. Group work: Three groups will each be assigned a character: Sai, the judge, and the cook. They will go through chapter 1, highlighting information about the character, and then list what they've learned on large sheets of paper that they will attach to the wall.

2. Discussion: How does the author...

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