The Inheritance of Loss Character Descriptions

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This character is a teenager living with a maternal grandfather.

Jemubhai Patel - the judge

This character is a retired Chief Justice for the ICS.

The Cook

This character is a judge's servant.


This character is a servant's child living in New York.


This character is a math and science tutor.

Saeed Saeed

This character is the charismatic friend of the servant's child.


This widowed character lives in Mon Ami with a sibling.

Uncle Potty

This character is the drunken close neighbor of the judge.

Father Booty

This character is the drinking buddy of the judge's close neighbor.


This character lives in Mon Ami with a widowed sibling.


This character is the Nepali watchman for the two residents of Mon Ami.


This character is the outgoing, optimistic friend the judge made in college.


This character is the boss of the...

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