The Inheritance of Loss Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1 | Chapter 2

• Sai waits for her tutor/boyfriend.

• Sai serves tea to the judge.

• Young Nepalese men appear and demand any weapons they have.

• The boys steal their food and liquor and force Sai and the judge to call themselves fools.

• The cook is sent to the police, who blame him for the robbery.

• The police search the house and read the cook's letters from his son.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• In America, Biju has a job selling hot dogs.

• His co-workers sexually harass the young female customers.

• He refuses to let his co-workers take him to a prostitute.

• He is relieved when he is fired because he has no green card.

• In India, Sai is embarrassed for the cook when the police read his letters.

• Although Sai and the cook have a good relationship, Sai feels it is fake because of their class differences.

• Sai denounces the way the...

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