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Tom Rachman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Herman's friend have a scandalous affair with?
(a) A Puerto Rican artist.
(b) A Roman artist.
(c) An Italian artist.
(d) A Mexican artist.

2. Where did Ott put the printing press?
(a) On the third floor.
(b) On the first floor.
(c) In the basement.
(d) On the second floor.

3. What did Herman's friend bring with him when he went and sleep in Herman's college dorm?
(a) A couple exciting strangers.
(b) A few dozen exciting strangers.
(c) A half dozen exciting strangers.
(d) Dozens of exciting strangers.

4. Who was the publisher of the newspaper Lloyd works for at its inception?
(a) Cyrus Ott.
(b) Cain Ott.
(c) Carson Ott.
(d) Carl Ott.

5. What does Lloyd's son agree to?
(a) Let his father have a reunion there.
(b) Let his father live with him.
(c) Let his father borrow money.
(d) Let his father work with him.

6. What does Hardy find in Rory's place?
(a) A Rubik's cube her father gave her.
(b) A ring her father gave her.
(c) A bracelet her father gave her.
(d) A picture her father gave her.

7. How is Gerda when Arthur meets her?
(a) Happy to still be alive.
(b) Still vigourusly fighting for women.
(c) Tired but content.
(d) Bitter and full of regret.

8. Who is Lloyd's wife having an affair with?
(a) A diplomat.
(b) A co-worker.
(c) A local artist.
(d) A neighbor.

9. What does Okley do with the article?
(a) He trashes it.
(b) He cuts it down to a blurb.
(c) He runs it in its entirety.
(d) He rewrites it.

10. What does Arthur's wife protest against?
(a) Him not talking of Pickle
(b) His not leaving the country with her.
(c) Him turning Pickle's room into a study.
(d) Him starting to work again.

11. What does Arthur tell Okley when he turns over Greda's article?
(a) That Kathleen wanted to run it as is.
(b) That he expect Okley's to respect his article.
(c) That he wants it rewriten.
(d) That he doesn;t want it publish in its entirety.

12. What job is Okley given after the article runs?
(a) Econimics.
(b) Fashion.
(c) Obituary.
(d) Sports.

13. What does Hardy conclude after finding what she found at Rory's place?
(a) That he was undercover.
(b) That he was a window repairman.
(c) That he was in on the burglary.
(d) That he was a serial thief.

14. Where does Okley run Arthur's article?
(a) At the end of an article on the world's oldest living person.
(b) On page 6.
(c) On the front page.
(d) In the obituary section.

15. What does Clint Oakley talk about during the Christmas party?
(a) His job.
(b) His wife.
(c) His children.
(d) His boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job is Arthur given after the article runs?

2. What is the name of Lloyd's child who still spends time with him?

3. What does Rory want to be?

4. What does Hardy say to Rory about what she found?

5. Who is Arthur Gopal's managing editor?

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