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Tom Rachman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Lloyd go after learning of his son being without a job?
(a) To the police.
(b) Back home.
(c) To his ex wife's apartment.
(d) To his son's old address.

2. What does Hardy decide to do about Rory?
(a) Stay with him.
(b) Make his life miserable.
(c) Make him pay her back.
(d) Leave him.

3. What does Hardy find in Rory's place?
(a) A bracelet her father gave her.
(b) A picture her father gave her.
(c) A Rubik's cube her father gave her.
(d) A ring her father gave her.

4. What does Rory want to be?
(a) Clothes designer.
(b) Singer.
(c) Stand-up comic.
(d) Cook.

5. Who does Rory make jokes about that embarrass Annika?
(a) Women.
(b) Hardy.
(c) Men.
(d) Journalists.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rory propose to do for Hardy?

2. What does Lloyd discover about Jerome?

3. What did Ott buy?

4. How is the paper going in 1957?

5. Why did Lloyd's son lose his job?

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