Objects & Places from The Imperfectionists: A Novel

Tom Rachman
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This is found in a mansion that explains Ott's decision to begin the paper in Rome.

Dog Leash

This is used in a strangulation the day it is announced that the paper will be shut down.

Winston's Laptop

This item is taken over when Snyder goes to Cairo to try out for a job.

Gerda Erzberger Obituary

This is about a former feminist and ends up marking the beginning of one person's more prestigious career.


These are purchased by two characters on many afternoons together while in Rome and are put in a mansion.

White Carpeting

This is put in the newsroom and at first displays prestige, but later acts as a symbol of disintegration at the newspaper office.


This is visited by a faithful reader of the paper and the person is overwhelmed by its silence.

Ott's Mansion

This is purchased and is where...

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