The Imperfectionists: A Novel Character Descriptions

Tom Rachman
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Cyrus Ott

This person is a business man who owns a great deal of real estate and is a wealthy man who goes to Rome to start a newspaper business.

Betty and Leo

This person is a writer who is married, but carries on an affair until the person passes away and moves to New York alone.

Boyd Ott

This person does not know his father because he disappeared when he was a boy.

Hardy Benjamin

This person works as a business reporter and is not very attractive and allows a man into her life despite the fact that he only wants to live off of her money.

Arthur Gopal

This person is the son of a writer who was an alcoholic and buries himself in his writing when his daughter passes away.

Kathleen Solson

This person work as editor-in-chief of the newspaper and is a highly ambitious...

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