The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Character Descriptions

Rebecca Skloot
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Henrietta Lacks

This individual was born in 1920 in Roanoke, Virginia, to a poor family of tobacco farmers. In 1951, at the age of thirty, she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent radium treatment. Her cancerous cells were cultured and used for decades of scientific research.

Deborah Lacks Pullum

This individual was a toddler when her mother died from cancer. She did not discover the truth about her mother's cells and their use in scientific research until decades after her death.

George Gey

This individual was the head of tissue culture research at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the 1950s and propagated the HeLa cell line.

Howard Jones

This individual was the gynecologist on duty at Johns Hopkins Hospital when the narrative's main figure came in complaining of a knot. He confirmed the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

David Lacks

This individual was married to the cancer patient whose cells were developed into...

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