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Short Answer Questions

1. What term does Boorstin assert has been relegated to the experiences of young children or naïve adults?

2. Who opened the first motel as a new form of accommodation in Memphis, Tennessee in 1952?

3. Boorstin asserts that the influx of pseudo-events has caused the confusion of participant and what roles?

4. In what year did Thomas Cook's train tours first go to Scotland?

5. What term means to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function?

Short Essay Questions

1. What aspect of the pseudo-event does Boorstin explore in Chapter 1 - Section IV?

2. What does Boorstin write of "local atmosphere" in tourist destinations?

3. How does Boorstin describe tourism in America in Chapter 3 - Section V?

4. How did Baedeker expand his publications? What was the "star system"?

5. How does Boorstin describe pseudo-events in the political arena, in Chapter 1 - Section III? What examples does he offer?

6. Who defined the term "stereotype," in Chapter 1 - Section V? How does Boorstin relate this definition?

7. What does Boorstin relate of technology and the sciences in Chapter 2 - Section II?

8. Who was Thomas Cook? What industry did he expand?

9. How did Charles Lindbergh succumb to celebrity, according to Boorstin?

10. What does Boorstin write of the impact of the Graphic Revolution, in Chapter 1 - Section II?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How are stereotypes distinguished from pseudo-events and propaganda by Boorstin? Who does Boorstin cite in defining stereotype?

Essay Topic 2

How are pseudo-events distinguished from propaganda? What is the purpose of each? What is the effect of each?

Essay Topic 3

Who was Karl Baedeker? What advances did he make in the tourism industry? What were the effects?

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