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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Boorstin claim was a major figure of presidential creation of pseudo-events, including his solidification of the presidential press conference and his fireside chats?

2. Boorstin asserts, in Chapter 2 - Section I, that Americans have fooled themselves about how much _____ is contained in the world and in individuals.

3. Where was Karl Baedeker observed to drop a pea on every twentieth step of the staircase to the roof, so he could report the number of steps accurately?

4. In what year was Charles Lindbergh's infant son kidnapped and murdered in the "Crime of the Century"?

5. What term refers to widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character of renown and public eminence?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who defined the term "stereotype," in Chapter 1 - Section V? How does Boorstin relate this definition?

2. What subject does Boorstin address in Chapter 1 - Section V? How have pseudo-events distorted image?

3. Who was Karl Baedeker? What did he pioneer?

4. How do the personalities of celebrities evolve, according to Boorstin?

5. What has eroded the old heroic form, according to Boorstin?

6. What does Boorstin write of the impact of the Graphic Revolution, in Chapter 1 - Section II?

7. How did the "Crime of the Century" affect Lindbergh's celebrity?

8. Who was Charles Lindbergh? What does Boorstin assert of him?

9. What aspects does Boorstin describe of pseudo-events in Chapter 1?

10. Who was Thomas Cook? What industry did he expand?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Boorstin define "the leak"? What is its purpose? What example does he give from the 1950s?

Essay Topic 2

Who was Karl Baedeker? What advances did he make in the tourism industry? What were the effects?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss and describe the evolution of tourism in America. How did the car change travel? How did the airplane? What effect have these advances had, according to Boorstin?

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