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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Long Rain.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which cluster of meteors does Stone believe he is floating in?
(a) Aquarid cluster.
(b) Pleiades cluster.
(c) Myrmidone cluster.
(d) Aquarius cluster.

2. Where is a little boy located who sees Hollis enter Earth's atmosphere?
(a) Iowa.
(b) Idaho.
(c) Indiana.
(d) Illinois.

3. How many cars does Hernando believe pass him on the highway?
(a) 1,500.
(b) 2,000.
(c) 500.
(d) 1,000.

4. Where did the whites hang Willie's father?
(a) Brynson Hill.
(b) Knockwood Hill.
(c) Whitlach Hill.
(d) Blue Ridge Hill.

5. Who comes to look at the nursery?
(a) Bob Mitchell.
(b) Alex Franklin.
(c) David McClean.
(d) Charles Wansor.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many wives does Lespere have?

2. What year does Hattie remember when she was a little girl?

3. What body parts does Hollis lose to meteors?

4. Who does Captain Hart believe is behind the so-called miracles?

5. What are some of the cars that suddenly came rushing down the highway?

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