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The Nurseryappears in The Veldt

This is a place that has realistic looking holograms.

Radiosappears in Kaleidoscope

This is a means used by crew members to communicate after their ship blows up.

Marsappears in The Other Foot

This is a place where black families have come to live.

Guns, Rope, and Paintappear in The Other Foot

These are objects brought out to use when a spaceship manned by a white person lands on Mars.

Hernando's Shoesappears in The Highway

These objects are made from old tire rubber from a car that crashed near the highway.

The Hubcap Bowlappears in The Highway

This object is used as a container for water.

The Oil Painting of the Mayor's Sonappears in The Man

This object is used as a proof of a healing.

Sun Domeappears in The Long Rain

This is a shelter on Venus.

The Uniformappears in The Rocket Man

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