The Illustrated Man Fun Activities

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Character Comparison

Compare yourself to a character in the book.

A Story

Write another story that might have been told by one of the Illustrated Man's tattoos.

Nursery Diorama

Create a diorama of the nursery in "The Veldt".

Dear Mr. Bradbury

Write or email Ray Bradbury and tell him what you did or did not like about the book.


Write about the holograms you would have in the nursery in "The Veldt" if you could have any holographic images you wanted.

Book Report

Write a book report for The Illustrated Man.

Reenact a Scene

With a group, reenact a scene from one of the stories in The Illustrated Man.

Compare Two Characters

Use a Venn diagram to compare two characters from the book.

Listen to Bach

Father Peregrine plays Bach in his new Martian church. Listen to some music by Bach.

Traveling Back in Time

Write about...

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