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Prologue: The Illustrated Man

• While walking one afternoon, the narrator meets an unemployed carnival worker with tattoos all over his body.

• The man has not been able to keep a job for forty years, and he asks the narrator if he knows where he might be able to find a job.

• The two camp together that night.

• The Illustrated Man wishes he could remove the pictures from his body.

• The images predict the future, and at night they move.
• An old woman, that the Illustrated Man believes was a time traveler, put the pictures on him.

• The Illustrated Man would like to find the woman and kill her.

• The Illustrated Man tells the narrator that the tattoos tell a story at night, and one tattoo always tells the future of the one watching.

• When the Illustrated Man lies down, the narrator watches his tattoos.

• After a time, the...

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