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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Come Back, My Friend.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rumi talks to the reader about the desired kiss as the _________ coming up into the lips of a person.
(a) Truth.
(b) Lesson.
(c) Respect.
(d) Soul.

2. According to the book, Rumi lived by the idea that _______ is the religion instead of being tied to a particular paradigm.
(a) Abstinence.
(b) Love.
(c) Thought.
(d) Prayer.

3. ______ was killed on December 5, 1247, after being exiled and returning on several different occasions.
(a) Bestami.
(b) Shams.
(c) Shiraz.
(d) Moses.

4. Rumi notes there is nothing worse than going to ______ without another person, the vague 'you.'
(a) Read.
(b) Pray.
(c) Walk along the street.
(d) Eat.

5. Rumi states that "the human shape is a _______ made of distraction and pain, trying to open the image of itself."
(a) Circle.
(b) Ghost.
(c) Bowl.
(d) Sphere.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rumi states, in "The Prophets" no one knows if the _______ will sink or reach the harbor.

2. Rumi confesses to wanting to have his teacher's __________ in order that he might fly too.

3. Rumi asks the reader to make a __________, abhorring spiritual windowshoppers who are not giving fully of themselves.

4. Rumi asks when seeing the birds flying in frenzied patterns whether the one he _______ is everywhere.

5. The poet has to ask Shams and _________ to help him, since he is partly within himself and partly outside of himself.

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