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Illustrate a Poem from the Book

Have students illustrate one of the poems from Rumi's book "The Illuminated Rumi" in the same sort of style as is already found in the book.

The History of Coleman Barks

Have each student write up the history of Barks as they can find it through research online and in books.

Reading Rumi Aloud

Have each student choose a different poem to read out loud to the class in order to show the different interpretations which are possible.

A Poem Like Rumi Would Write

Have students write a poem as though they were Rumi, writing about spiritual ideas using metaphors.

The Story of the Chickpea

Have students write the poem of the chickpea as though it were a children's story instead of a poem by Rumi.

A New Cover for the Book of Poetry

Have students come up with a new cover...

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