The Illuminated Rumi Character Descriptions

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Jelaluddin Rumiappears in All Sections

This person is the poet and writer. He becomes a character in two ways.

Shams of Tabriz/The Friend/The Beloved/The Teacherappears in All Sections

This person was a poor, uneducated, and wandering dervish. He met the author by accident in a Turkish cosmopolitan city, filled with people of many religions and background.

Muhammadappears in Who Are These Two?

This person is the messenger of God and the religious leader that the author follows.

Bestamiappears in Who Are These Two?

This person was a mystic who claimed to be one with God.

Josephappears in The Whole Catastrophe, The Path of Blame, Come Back, My Frie

The author refers to this biblical character in his poems.

Jacobappears in The Whole Catastrophe, Come Back, My Friend

This person goes blind in his old age.

Zuleikhaappears in The Whole Catastrophe, I Have Such a Teacher

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