The Illuminated Rumi Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Who Are These Two?

• Barks tells the story of Rumi.

• Rumi and Shams go on long retreats with each other.

• Rumi's first poem asks a series of questions about who performs spiritual tasks.

The Whole Catastrophe

• Rumi is called a true human being by Barks.

• The story of Joseph and Jacob is retold by Barks.

• The human form is a distraction and a prison, trying to open.

• Human beings don't know what they are.

• Rumi notes that the reader will fail to see the garden.

Rise Up Nimbly and Go on Your Strange Journey

• Human beings should not forget their real work.

• The prophets wonder about the uselessness of their task.

• The reader must go on a journey to find meaning.

• Human beings can change.

• Jesus is said to be miraculous for himself, not for the future.

• Human beings are compared to being reeds which are cut and...

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