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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Troy know about the plan he has made?
(a) It has a lot of flexibility for changing as the situation unfolds.
(b) There is no room for error.
(c) It's the best he can do and he thinks it is good.
(d) It is very poor and not likely to work.

2. What is the one thing for which Troy cannot forgive Covenant?
(a) Refusing to acknowledge Elena as Covenant's daughter.
(b) Refusing to fight.
(c) Raping Lena.
(d) Calling Troy a traitor.

3. What does Troy believe regardless of what Covenant says?
(a) That Elena rather than Covenant is the Land's savior.
(b) That the Land is real.
(c) That Lord Foul is not that powerful.
(d) That Elena is going to be their downfall.

4. What does Elena say to Troy about his men?
(a) They trust him.
(b) They need time to say goodbye to their loved ones.
(c) They can't possibly march all night.
(d) They will need Troy to set an example.

5. Whose forgiveness does Covenant ask?
(a) Shetra.
(b) Troy.
(c) Elena.
(d) Formfollower.

6. Who is watching Covenant and Elena as they are marching?
(a) Trell.
(b) Lena.
(c) Mhoram.
(d) Troy.

7. What does Elena do when the interpreter arrives?
(a) Asks the interpreter to interpret one of her dreams.
(b) Leaves.
(c) Stays to hear what Covenant says.
(d) Gives them both a lecture.

8. What is the importance of white gold in the "Land"?
(a) It has magical properties.
(b) It is used a money there.
(c) There is no significance.
(d) It is used to keep people healthy.

9. What does Covenant think of the other land?
(a) He believes it does not exist and he is dreaming.
(b) He thinks they are kind but misguided.
(c) He loves being a hero.
(d) He wishes he could stay there.

10. Who is gathering an army?
(a) Covenant.
(b) Lord Mhoram.
(c) High Lord Elena.
(d) Lord Foul.

11. Who summons Covenant?
(a) High Lord Elena.
(b) No one; it just seems to happen.
(c) Lord Foul.
(d) Lord Mhoram.

12. What concerns Troy about his men?
(a) That they will run when put to the test.
(b) That they put too much faith in him.
(c) They they are not well trained.
(d) That they believe in Covenant too much.

13. Why does Covenant ride away angry?
(a) Troy insults him and calls him a coward.
(b) Elena tries to kiss him again.
(c) Telling a story upsets him.
(d) Trell tries to attack him again.

14. What are the phone calls about that Covenant receives from townspeople?
(a) Warnings for him to stay away from town.
(b) Offers of support.
(c) Inquiries about the strange aura around his house.
(d) Inquiries about his selling his house.

15. Why does Troy think Trell is wise?
(a) To not trust Covenant.
(b) To not allow Trell's wife to join them.
(c) To have included more healing paraphernalia than war things.
(d) To only bring his war hammer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose skin is like ice and he is almost dead but still alive?

2. What is Amok to reveal to them?

3. What happens when Joan calls Covenant?

4. What wards does Elena tell Amok they have mastered?

5. Who has been looking for Covenant?

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