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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is never seen again after being pulled into the river?
(a) Trell.
(b) Runnik.
(c) Lena.
(d) Lord Shetra.

2. Who has been looking for Covenant?
(a) Covenant's boss.
(b) The priest.
(c) The sheriff.
(d) The mayor.

3. How is Covenant treated in the "Land"?
(a) As a pariah.
(b) As one of them; no more; no less.
(c) As a hero.
(d) As if he does not exist.

4. What happens when Joan calls Covenant?
(a) He screams at her.
(b) He refuses to speak with her.
(c) He threatens her with magic.
(d) He trips and hits his head.

5. Who is leading Lord Foul's army?
(a) A giant.
(b) Lord Foul.
(c) A minotaur.
(d) A centaur.

6. What disease does Covenant develop?
(a) Crohn's.
(b) AIDS.
(c) ALS.
(d) Leprosy.

7. Where does Covenant appear in the Land when he returns in Chapter 3?
(a) A mountain top.
(b) Under a mountain.
(c) Beside a stream.
(d) The council chamber of the Lords in Revelstone.

8. Who is Hile Troy?
(a) Another man from the real world.
(b) The administrator of the keys.
(c) The secretary to the Warmark.
(d) A healer.

9. What does Covenant decide to become?
(a) A guide to Formfellow.
(b) A guardian.
(c) His own despiser.
(d) A court clown.

10. How is Covenant physically when he arrives in the Land?
(a) Wounded and ill from ALS.
(b) He becomes immediately very healthy.
(c) Wounded and ill from his leprosy.
(d) His head is cut slightly but ok otherwise.

11. How does Troy react to the woman's news?
(a) He is stunned.
(b) He is concerned for her world but sees nothing he can do about it.
(c) He is eager to go out and engage the army.
(d) He is mystified why the army has stopped.

12. What concerns Troy about his men?
(a) That they will run when put to the test.
(b) That they believe in Covenant too much.
(c) They they are not well trained.
(d) That they put too much faith in him.

13. What is Thomas Covenant's occupation in the "real" world?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Psychiatrist.
(c) Banker.
(d) Writer.

14. What confuses Troy about Covenant?
(a) Why he does not love the Land.
(b) Why he wants to return to a shunned life in his world.
(c) Why he still wears his wedding band.
(d) Why he does not recognize that he belongs in the Land.

15. Who is the creator of Amok?
(a) High Lord Kevin.
(b) He was born among the giants.
(c) He was born just like all other humans.
(d) The planet god.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does not want Covenant to go with Hyrim?

2. What do Covenant and Mhoram discuss?

3. What has been taken over by the ravers?

4. What does Covenant think about Joan as he is resting?

5. Why does it seem that Covenant may have taken a journey when he wakes in Chapter 1?

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