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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Covenant bring to life?
(a) The krill.
(b) A doorway.
(c) The tattoo of the Warmark.
(d) His ring.

2. Who does not want Covenant to go with Hyrim?
(a) No one.
(b) Shetra.
(c) Troy.
(d) Elena.

3. What is Amok to reveal to them?
(a) What is needed for the each Ward in sequence.
(b) What is needed for the Third Ward.
(c) What is needed for the First Ward.
(d) What is needed for the Seventh Ward.

4. Who is never seen again after being pulled into the river?
(a) Lena.
(b) Trell.
(c) Lord Shetra.
(d) Runnik.

5. What disease does Covenant develop?
(a) AIDS.
(b) ALS.
(c) Leprosy.
(d) Crohn's.

6. What does Mhoram say Covenant must do?
(a) Take care of Elena's child.
(b) Forgive Joan.
(c) What is needed.
(d) Be willing to rule their Land.

7. Why does it seem that Covenant may have taken a journey when he wakes in Chapter 1?
(a) He is tired.
(b) He is bruised.
(c) He has a magical burn where is ring is.
(d) He is wearing strange clothes.

8. What does Covenant think is deadly?
(a) To believe in the Land.
(b) To believe Elena forgives him.
(c) To believe his son loves him.
(d) To hope Joan wants him back.

9. For what sign was Amok waiting?
(a) The krill sword coming alive.
(b) The white gold creating a vibration Amok can feel.
(c) The alignment of two planets that do not usually align.
(d) The star Sysil exploding.

10. What concerns Troy about his men?
(a) That they will run when put to the test.
(b) They they are not well trained.
(c) That they believe in Covenant too much.
(d) That they put too much faith in him.

11. What word do those in Revelstone have of Foul's army?
(a) Nothing.
(b) That Foul's army is deserting in large numbers.
(c) That Foul is having trouble pulling an Army together.
(d) That Foul's army has just left the mountain.

12. What happens when Amok says he must go?
(a) The council places him under house arrest.
(b) He simply vanishes.
(c) The coucil tries to force him to stay.
(d) Covenant grabs him.

13. What does Lord Mhoram put on Covenant?
(a) A tattoo.
(b) A suit of armor.
(c) A bracelet.
(d) Hurtloam.

14. What does Troy ignore about Covenant?
(a) Covenant's indignation at being asked to go to war.
(b) Covenant's warning of what could happen.
(c) Covenant's saying he was too ill to go to war.
(d) Covenant's trying to stop Elena from going with Troy.

15. What does Covenant stop doing?
(a) Going to to other people's houses for dinner.
(b) Sending child support.
(c) Taking his medicines.
(d) Calling his son.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Covenant's wife divorce him?

2. Why does Troy think Trell is wise?

3. What does Bannor do?

4. How many Bloodguard are to go with Shetra and Covenant?

5. Who is Amok?

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