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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Radomsky's former profession?
(a) He is a retired army officer.
(b) He is a retired dressmaker.
(c) He is a retired government beaurocrat.
(d) He is a retired banker.

2. How does the party react when Vera says Hippolite is going to kill himself?
(a) No one reacts, acting bored.
(b) Everyone gets angry and yells at Hippolite.
(c) Everyone laughs, disbelieving.
(d) Everyone is upset and runs to stop Hippolite.

3. How does Madam Yephanchin feel about the Prince's visitors?
(a) She is bored with the people who are visiting Myshkin.
(b) She is envious of the people who are visiting Myshkin.
(c) She dislikes the people who are visiting Myshkin.
(d) She likes the people who are visiting Myshkin.

4. How much money is Lebedev missing?
(a) 600 roubles.
(b) 200 roubles.
(c) 800 roubles.
(d) 400 roubles.

5. How does Myshkin react to the idea that someone stole Lebedev's money?
(a) Myshkin is horrified.
(b) Myshkin is irritated.
(c) Myshkin doesn't care.
(d) Myshkin is secretly pleased.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Koyla ask his father to do?

2. Who does Ganja blame for Burdovsky's claim against Myshkin?

3. What is Hippolite's response to Madam Yephanchin's anger?

4. What entertainment do the Prince and the Yephanchins watch after they walk in the park?

5. What does Burdovsky want from Myshkin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ganja report about Burdovsky's relationship with Pavlishtchev?

2. What does Keller ask Myshkin for?

3. What does Madam Yephanchin think about, as she brings Myshkin to her house?

4. What is Ganja's attitude toward his father?

5. What does Myskhin's view of dueling seem to be?

6. Why does Hippolite want to kill himself?

7. How does General Ivolgin act when he talks to Myshkin after his argument with Lebedev?

8. How do Myshkin and Agalya each interpret Myshkin's earlier letter to Agalya?

9. How does Madam Yephanchin react, after Burdovsky and his companions object to the information Ganja reveals about Burdovsky?

10. What does Madam Yephanchin feel about her daughter's relationship with Myshkin?

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