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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Madam Yephanchin learn came to visit Aglaya while she was out?
(a) Ganja.
(b) Koyla.
(c) Myshkin.
(d) Rogozhin.

2. What does Lebedev expect Myshkin to do, now that he knows Lebedev was involved with the scandalous article?
(a) He expects Myshkin to sue him.
(b) He expects Myshkin to kick him out.
(c) He expects Myshkin to forgive him.
(d) He expects Myshkin to stop being his friend.

3. Who does Myshkin stop one of the officer friends of the Yephanshins from hitting?
(a) Radomsky.
(b) Aglaya.
(c) Nastassya.
(d) Madam Yephanchin.

4. Where does Hippolite plan to kill himself?
(a) In Rogozhin's library.
(b) In Nastassya's bedroom.
(c) In Povlovsk Park.
(d) In front of Myshkin's home.

5. Nastassya has written Aglaya several letters that Aglaya shows Myshkin. What do these letters ask Aglaya to do?
(a) Give Nastassya money.
(b) Marry Myshkin.
(c) Steal a cross from Myshkin.
(d) Stay away from Myshkin.

6. What is Madam Yephanchin's position about the possibility of Myshkin marrying her daughter Aglaya?
(a) She says Myshkin can only marry her daughter if he's no longer involved with Rogozhin.
(b) She says Myshkin must marry her daughter.
(c) She doesn't care if Myshkin marries her daughter.
(d) She says Myshkin can never marry her daughter.

7. Where does Myshkin recuperate from his seizure?
(a) Ganja's boarding house.
(b) Rogozhin's house.
(c) Lebedev's villa.
(d) The Yephanchin's house.

8. What does Burdovsky want from Myshkin?
(a) Money.
(b) Revenge.
(c) An apology.
(d) Friendship.

9. Who is Ganja arguing with, when Varya comes home at the beginning of Part IV?
(a) Ganja and Varya's father.
(b) Hippolite.
(c) General Yephanchin.
(d) Varya's husband.

10. What illness does Hippolite have?
(a) Dropsy.
(b) Consumption.
(c) Chilblain.
(d) Hemophilia.

11. What does Myshkin tell General Tephanchin when he asks Myshkin about Nastassya?
(a) Myshkin says Nastassya is bewilderingly lovely.
(b) Myshkin says Nastassya is insane.
(c) Myshkin says Nastassya is kind and misunderstood.
(d) Myshkin says Nastassya no longer interests him.

12. What games do Aglaya's sisters report that she played with her visitor?
(a) Chess and darts.
(b) Croquet and cards.
(c) Cards and chess.
(d) Darts and croquet.

13. Who tells Myshkin that the duel with the officer has been called off?
(a) Madame Yephanchin.
(b) Radomsky.
(c) Lebedev.
(d) Hippolite.

14. What does Nastassya ask Myshkin?
(a) When he is leaving.
(b) Whether he loves her.
(c) What he is thinking.
(d) Whether he is happy.

15. To whom does Aglaya ask Koyla to give the animal she's bought?
(a) General Yephanchin.
(b) Ganja.
(c) Rogozhin.
(d) Myshkin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Myshkin that an officer wants to duel him?

2. What is Radomsky's former profession?

3. Who first points out the article about Myshkin in the newspaper?

4. Where does Aglaya say she comes some mornings at 7 o'clock?

5. What does Myshkin offer Burdovsky?

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