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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Varya been trying to do in her visits to the Yephanchins' house?
(a) Convince General Yephanchin to forgive a loan.
(b) Win a favor from Madam Yephanchin.
(c) Convince Adelaide to run away with Koyla.
(d) Get Aglaya to marry her brother.

2. When Myshkin asks about Lebedev's missing money, where does Lebedev tell Myshkin he found the money?
(a) Beneath the seat of a carriage.
(b) In a pot.
(c) Under his chair.
(d) In his wallet.

3. Why does Hippolite realize, after seeing Rogozhin in his room at night, that Rogozhin couldn't have been there?
(a) The servants had locked the doors.
(b) Rogozhin had passed out in the foyer all night.
(c) Hippolite had barred the door with a wardrobe.
(d) Rogozhin was away all night.

4. When Hippolite wakes at Myshkin's celebration, how long does a party member say he's been asleep?
(a) One hour.
(b) Forty-two minutes.
(c) Seven minutes.
(d) Twenty minutes.

5. What phrase did Koyla overhear Aglaya say while she was reading Don Quixote?
(a) Poor knight.
(b) Stern order of chivalry.
(c) Tilting at windmills.
(d) Arrows of adversary.

6. What animal does Aglaya buy from Koyla?
(a) A cat.
(b) An armadillo.
(c) A hedgehog.
(d) A rabbit.

7. Who does Myshkin realize is the woman from his dream in the park?
(a) Aglaya.
(b) Madam Yephanchin.
(c) Ganja's mother.
(d) Nastassya.

8. At Madam Yephanchin's gathering, who argues that Burdovsky did not take advantage of Myshkin?
(a) Radomsky.
(b) Alexandrai.
(c) Madam Yephanchin.
(d) Aglaya.

9. Who first points out the article about Myshkin in the newspaper?
(a) Hippolite.
(b) Madam Yephanchin.
(c) Burdovsky.
(d) Koyla.

10. When does Hippolite plan to kill himself?
(a) At noon.
(b) At sunset.
(c) At sunrise.
(d) At midnight.

11. What does Nastassya ask Myshkin?
(a) Whether he loves her.
(b) When he is leaving.
(c) What he is thinking.
(d) Whether he is happy.

12. What does Myshkin tell General Tephanchin when he asks Myshkin about Nastassya?
(a) Myshkin says Nastassya no longer interests him.
(b) Myshkin says Nastassya is bewilderingly lovely.
(c) Myshkin says Nastassya is kind and misunderstood.
(d) Myshkin says Nastassya is insane.

13. What does Hippolite say he is going to read?
(a) A poem.
(b) A letter.
(c) A story.
(d) A newspaper article.

14. What does Burdovsky want from Myshkin?
(a) Money.
(b) An apology.
(c) Friendship.
(d) Revenge.

15. What games do Aglaya's sisters report that she played with her visitor?
(a) Croquet and cards.
(b) Chess and darts.
(c) Darts and croquet.
(d) Cards and chess.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Myshkin that an officer wants to duel him?

2. Who is the first visitor who arrives, while Myshkin is recuperating?

3. Who wrote the article?

4. How does Hippolite plan to kill himself?

5. Who tells Myshkin that the duel with the officer has been called off?

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