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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV Ch. VI-XII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lebedev expect Myshkin to do, now that he knows Lebedev was involved with the scandalous article?
(a) He expects Myshkin to kick him out.
(b) He expects Myshkin to stop being his friend.
(c) He expects Myshkin to sue him.
(d) He expects Myshkin to forgive him.

2. Who does Lebedev think stole his missing money?
(a) Rogozhin.
(b) Myshkin.
(c) Ferdyshchenko.
(d) General Yephanchin.

3. What mistake does Myshkin make when he leaves Rogozhin?
(a) He goes the wrong way.
(b) He gets into the wrong carriage.
(c) He forgets to open the door.
(d) He forgest he's leaving and comes back.

4. What does Nastassya do after Aglaya runs out of the room?
(a) She grabs Myshkin by the arm and holds him back.
(b) She begins to scream and yell at Myshkin.
(c) She runs out after Aglaya.
(d) She faints.

5. What does Ferdyshchenko suggest making Myshkin do, as punishment for poor behavior?
(a) Play the piano.
(b) Dance for the group.
(c) Play charades.
(d) Sing a song.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Myshkin asks about Lebedev's missing money, where does Lebedev tell Myshkin he found the money?

2. What does Lebedev plan to do about the missing money?

3. Who does Ganja ask Myshkin to deliver a secret letter to?

4. Who is Prince Myshkin traveling to meet?

5. What does Nastassya do with Rogozhin's money?

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