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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV Ch. VI-XII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Madame Yephanchin react to Myshkin?
(a) She distrusts him on sight.
(b) She likes him immediately.
(c) She dislikes him immediately.
(d) She is annoyed by him.

2. At the beginning of the first chapter, where are the men in the train traveling to?
(a) Kiev.
(b) St. Petersburg.
(c) Moscow.
(d) Belgrade.

3. Where does Hippolite plan to kill himself?
(a) In Nastassya's bedroom.
(b) In Rogozhin's library.
(c) In Povlovsk Park.
(d) In front of Myshkin's home.

4. What illness does Prince Myshkin suffer from?
(a) Arthritis.
(b) Anemia.
(c) Diabetes.
(d) Epilepsy.

5. Does Myshkin believe Lebedev's story about finding the money?
(a) No, he questions Lebedev until he learns the whole truth.
(b) Yes, but later he learns that Lebedev was lying.
(c) No, but he doesn't trouble Lebedev to try to find out the whole truth.
(d) Yes, and he continues to believe the story.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aglaya ask Myshkin to do?

2. Who is Ganja arguing with, when Varya comes home at the beginning of Part IV?

3. Where is Nastassya's body, when Rogozhin shows it to Myshkin?

4. Who does Ganja ask Myshkin to deliver a secret letter to?

5. Who does Aglaya tell her mother she is going to marry, when Madam Yephanchin interrupts Aglaya and Myshkin's meeting in the park?

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