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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV Ch. VI-XII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the General's wife react to his gift to Nastassya Filoppovna?
(a) She didn't care.
(b) She never found out about it.
(c) She was upset.
(d) She was happy.

2. What does Myshkin threaten to do, after Ganja calls him an idiot?
(a) Pay for his own lodgings elsewhere.
(b) Fight Ganja in a duel of honor.
(c) Tell General Yephanchin what Ganja has said.
(d) Reveal what he's been doing to Madam Yephanchin.

3. Who does Myshkin try to visit at the Scales hotel?
(a) Varya.
(b) Koyla.
(c) Lebedev.
(d) Ganja.

4. What does Nastassya do after Aglaya runs out of the room?
(a) She runs out after Aglaya.
(b) She faints.
(c) She grabs Myshkin by the arm and holds him back.
(d) She begins to scream and yell at Myshkin.

5. Who does Ganja blame for Burdovsky's claim against Myshkin?
(a) Lawyers.
(b) Bankers.
(c) Government officials.
(d) Burdovsky's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Madam Yephachin tell Myshkin to get for her?

2. Who does the General suggest that Prince Myshkin stay with?

3. What religion does Ivan Petrovitch say Pavicheff converted to?

4. Who first points out the article about Myshkin in the newspaper?

5. What does Rogozhin's mother do to Myshkin?

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