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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II Ch. I-V.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Myshkin plan to live?
(a) He arranges to live with the Yephanchins.
(b) He arranges to rent Lebedyev's house in Palovsk.
(c) He arranges to buy a house next to Ganja's.
(d) He arranges to stay with Rogozhin permanently.

2. What does Myshkin learn about Nastassya's engagement to Rogozhin?
(a) Nastassya is rumored to have left Rogozhin on their wedding day.
(b) Nastassya is rumored to have married Rogozhin and left the country with him.
(c) Nastassya is rumored to have married Rogozhin and then left him a week later.
(d) Nastassya is rumored to have run off with Rogozhin without marrying him.

3. Who does Myshkin try to visit at the Scales hotel?
(a) Lebedev.
(b) Koyla.
(c) Varya.
(d) Ganja.

4. How does Myshkin react when Ganja calls him an idiot?
(a) Happily.
(b) Angrily.
(c) Unconcernedly.
(d) Sadly.

5. What does Aglaya ask Myshkin to read?
(a) Her diary.
(b) A letter from Ganja.
(c) A poem from a book in the library.
(d) An article in the paper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives Aglaya a letter from Myshkin?

2. What does Prince Myshkin smoke?

3. What does Rogozhin say his reason is for traveling to Russia?

4. What mistake does Myshkin make when he leaves Rogozhin?

5. What gift did the General buy Nastassya Filoppovna?

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