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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 Chapters XI-XVI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What story does Ganja's father tell?
(a) A story about meeting Ganja's mother.
(b) A story about a glorious victory in battle.
(c) A story about the beginning of a rift with the Yephanchin family.
(d) A story about Ganja's birth under an auspicious sign.

2. What does General Ivolgin do, after promising to bring Myshkin to see Nastassya?
(a) He gets Myshkin arrested.
(b) He brings Myshkin down a blind alley and robs him.
(c) He takes up Myshkin's time with long stories, then falls asleep.
(d) He gets drunk and misleads Myshkin.

3. How do the party guests decide what order to play the game?
(a) They go in alphabetical order according to name.
(b) They volunteer to go next.
(c) They draw names from a hat.
(d) They go around the table clockwise.

4. What does Myshkin think of the picture of Nastassya Filippovna?
(a) He thinks she looks beautiful but tragic.
(b) He thinks she looks unpleasant and sad.
(c) He thinks she looks beautiful and happy.
(d) He thinks she looks unpleasant but happy.

5. What does Nastassya use to retrieve the money?
(a) She uses her hands.
(b) She has a servant get it.
(c) She uses tongs.
(d) She uses a bowl.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what country was the hospital located where Prince Myshkin stayed?

2. Who does Ganja ask Myshkin to deliver a secret letter to?

3. How did General Yephanchin make his reputation and fortune?

4. Who finally brings Myshkin to Nastassya's house?

5. What state is Rogozhin in when he visits Ganja's house on Myshkin's first night there?

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