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Object Descriptions

St. Petersburg - This is where most of the characters live.

Pavlovsk - Most of the character have a summer house here. The Prince comes here to recover from his seizure.

The Hotel Stairwell - This is where Rogozhin attempts to murder the Prince.

A Silver Cross - Rogozhin swaps something similar of his own for this, which belongs to the Prince.

A Knife - Rogozhin uses this to attempt to kill Myskin and then to kill Natassya.

The Scandalous Article - Keller uses this to extort money from the Prince.

Rogozhin's House - The Prince and Rogozhin talk about religion here. At the end of the book, this is where Rogozhin murders Nastassya.

The Train Carriage - In the opening chapter, the Prince meets Rogozhin here.

The Veranda - The Prince relaxes and hold parties here, while he's in Pavlovsk.

A Pistol - Hippolite tries to...

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